The Who’s Roger Daltrey Roasts ‘Woke’ Culture

(Photo by Barry Brecheisen/Invision/AP, File)

Roger Daltrey, lead singer for The Who, excoriated woke culture during a recent interview. He joined other rock stars in criticizing the hard leftist social phenomenon that seems to be taking over Western society.

In a conversation with DJ Zane Lowe on Apple Music, the rock icon said it is “terrifying” to see “the woke generation” making a “miserable world” for themselves and everyone else.

“I mean, anyone who’s lived a life — and you see what they’re doing — you just know that it’s a route to nowhere, especially when you’ve lived through the periods of a life that we’ve had the privilege to,” Daltrey said. “I mean, we’ve had the golden era. There’s no doubt about that.”

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Daltrey also pointed out the differences between “the woke generation” and those of the past. “We came out of a war,” he noted, adding that they had “seen the communist system fail.”

“But we came out of a war, we came out of a leveled society, completely flattened bomb sites and everything,” the singer said. “And we’ve been through socialist governments. We’ve seen the communist system fail in the Soviet Union. I’ve been in those communist countries while they were communist.”

“I’ve seen how ‘wonderful’ — really? — it was,” the rocker added.

Daltrey is not the only rock legend to chime in on the issues with woke culture. The Sex Pistols’ Johnny Rotten noted that the societal cancer was a political weapon used by “tempestuous, spoilt children.”

The Misfits founder Glenn Danzig slammed “cancel culture and woke bullshit” and lamented the reality that “the punk explosion” could never happen today because “everyone’s so uptight and P.C.”

Musicians are not the only entertainment artists who have spoken out against woke theology and the cancel culture community. Several comedians have railed against the Marxist crowd for their attempts to silence and destroy those who violate their precepts.

Comedian Ricky Gervais came under fire in 2020 when he savaged Hollywood’s elitists during the Golden Globes. Instead of backing down, he doubled down, defending his diatribe against the lofty woke crowd in the film industry.

Bill Burr has openly mocked woke white women and cancel culture during his stand-up routines and in other performances. During one of his Netflix specials, Dave Chappelle destroyed cancel culture and affirmed his right to tell offensive jokes.

As I’ve written before, the cancel culture community is not as powerful as it seems. Eventually, its proponents will overstep in a way that will cause the rest of society to turn on them – especially when they start using their tactics against others on the left. (See: Maybe Conservatives Shouldn’t Be All That Worried About Cancel Culture)

As long as people like Daltrey and others in the industry push back, the woke zealots won’t be able to dominate American society. The more that people push back and refuse to acquiesce to the woke Sanhedrin, the more ineffectual they will become.