Racist White Progressives Go Full Karen On Black And Latino Car Enthusiasts In Austin, Accusing Them Of ‘Toxic Masculinity’


In the latest episode of “White Progressives Ruin Everything,” we travel to the lovely city of Austin, TX, where leftists are doing everything they can to make the Texas capital look as much like San Francisco as possible. But in this particular story, leftists who just moved to the area are taking issue with some of the residents who grew up in the city for engaging in a tradition that goes back almost 30 years.

Texas Monthly reported on a conflict between new residents of an apartment complex in East Austin and “native” Austinites belonging to various car clubs that gather at a local park in the neighborhood to show off their vehicles and socialize with one another. “Car clubs have gathered for decades at ‘Chicano Park’ in the East Cesar Chavez neighborhood. But residents of a new luxury apartment building have started calling the police to stop them,” the author wrote.

The report describes the scene that has played out so many times in the neighborhood since the early ‘90s:

The fleet of several dozen cars pulled into East Austin’s Fiesta Gardens, or “Chicano Park” as locals call it, on a recent weekend with the booming of powerful stereo systems announcing their arrival. After a few loops around the park, some drivers—most of them Black and Latino men in their twenties and thirties driving customized lowriders, bright, candy-colored slabs, and jacked-up trucks with flashy chrome rims—packed into a nearby middle school parking lot. Some unloaded barbecue grills, toddlers, and pit bulls, then cracked open beers, and blasted Texas hip-hop and Tejano music. Others joined a slow-moving carousel that flowed from the parking lot into the street and back again, swerving from side to side and occasionally screeching their tires, unleashing plumes of white smoke that covered the block in a light haze.

The gatherings have taken place nearly every Sunday afternoon for almost three decades. But now, new arrivals living in The Weaver, a recently-built luxury apartment complex, have decided it is time to end the event.

Some of the tenants have expressed annoyance at the loud music and the smell of skidding tires. According to the report, “one particularly vocal tenant, a non-Hispanic white woman with short blond hair who appeared to be in her fifties, claimed that smoke from the tires was killing nearby trees and that traffic from the gathering would make it impossible for an ambulance to reach her in the event of a medical emergency (though two other roads to the apartment building remain accessible at all times).”

Yet another resident took issue with the event, calling it a “display of toxic masculinity.”

The individuals living in The Weaver building have tried calling the police to shut down the event, some calling it “scary.” However, law enforcement has not taken action against members of the car clubs. “Even though the event sometimes violates noise and traffic ordinances, it doesn’t pose major threats to anyone in The Weaver, nor does it break other city rules,” the author wrote.

The report notes that the issues arising between residents of The Weaver and the car clubs are reflective of a “larger struggle” between professionals who recently moved to the city and the black and Latino neighborhoods in East Austin that the new residents are “transforming through gentrification.”

The recent influx of new residents results from large tech companies like Oracle, Apple, and Samsung, relocating to the area. The area in which the car clubs congregate has been a “working-class Latino neighborhood dominated by blocks of modest, single-family homes.’

Members of the car clubs who participate in the weekly event were upset at the notion that they should have to shut down the gatherings. “A lot of us grew up here and were pushed out and this is how we come home to spend time with family and old friends,” said Rogerick “Kountry” Davis, who the report describes as “a 34-year-old City of Austin Aviation Department employee and the founder and president of the Hands Full of Cash Car Club.”

Davis argued that loud music, big cars, and barbecue are a “Texas tradition.”

It appears tensions over this issue are growing, and the city councilperson responsible for this district has been called to try to work out a solution. At one point, the blond woman who complained about the event used her iPhone to film the cars and threatened to call the police on a group of men hanging out at the park. “You can’t tell me drugs aren’t being distributed over there,” she alleged. “The brazenness of it all just kills me!”

But one member of one of the car clubs noted that none of these residents bothered to take a step that many might consider reasonable: Talking it out. A man who goes by the nickname “Kilo,” who has been participating in the event for years, wondered why none of the residents walked across the street to introduce themselves before resorting to calling the authorities. He suggested that they could have started a dialogue on the issue. “If you come with good energy, you’ll find out that we’re just here to chill and enjoy the cars and the scenery,” he said. “Don’t be scared.”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the problem, especially when it comes to left-leaning individuals who would rather resort to Karenous behavior with minorities rather than speaking with them. Imagine how The New York Times would have reacted if this had happened in a conservative city with white conservatives engaging in the same type of behavior?

They would call it racist.

Whether they like it or not, this same principle applies to those on the left as well. The notion that they would immediately try to use police officers to compel black and brown residents to stop engaging in a custom that they have been participating in for decades is abhorrent. Their refusal to try to at least have a conversation with the people involved shows a remarkable lack of maturity; they could have tried to come to a compromise in which both parties got what they wanted.

As many of us know, this is not how many far-leftists think. They would prefer using the government to compel the behavior they want rather than talking it out. But this particular story reveals a reality that is not discussed often enough: Progressive types don’t actually care about minorities unless it involves virtue signaling from afar. When it comes to dealing with them face-to-face, they just can’t be bothered.

But are any of us surprised?

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