Jen Psaki Gives Predictable Excuse for Migrant Children’s Abysmal Living Conditions


During a press conference on Monday, White House press secretary Jen “Circle Back” Psaki actually had to answer some tough questions from the activist media. Yes, it’s a shocker, but PBS media activist Yamiche Alcindor pressed Psaki on the living conditions experienced by migrant children who are being housed in detention centers. As usual, Psaki didn’t have much in the way of answers, but she certainly had a convenient excuse for their failure to address the situation effectively.


During the briefing, Alcindor asked: “How is that acceptable for the Biden administration to keep children in those sorts of conditions, given the fact that you said you weren’t even sure it was going to be more humane than the previous one?”

Psaki responded:

Well, let me first say this is heartbreaking. It’s a very emotional issue for a lot of people, and it’s very difficult and challenging. And obviously, these CBP facilities are not made for kids. So one of the reasons, or a driving reason, why the president has pushed to take all of the actions that I outlined earlier when Phil asked the question is because we want to expedite getting these kids out of these CBP facilities as quickly as possible. And that’s our goal and our objective and into shelters as quickly as possible, then into sponsored homes while their cases are being considered and adjudicated.

We are trying to work through what was a dismantled and unprepared system because of the effort, the role of the last administration.

Yes, that’s right, the Biden administration is blaming former President Donald Trump for their inability to handle the migrant crisis, especially as it relates to “kids in cages.”


Surprisingly, Alcindor kept pressing Psaki on the issue. “ Why is that acceptable to go on even for one more day? Why is that something that’s not being outlawed right now? How is the administration not stopping that today?” she asked.

Psaki replied with more excuses:

Well, Yamiche, it’s not acceptable. But I think the challenge here is that there are only there are not that many options. So the options are and we have a lot of critics, but many of them are not putting forward a lot of solutions. The options here are send the kids back on the journey, send them to unvetted homes or work to expedite moving them into shelters where they can get health treatment by medical doctors … Educational resources, legal counseling, mental health counseling, that’s exactly what we’re focused on doing.

The Biden administration has been mishandling the immigration issue since even before the president took office. By openly declaring an open borders agenda, he essentially gave a clarion call to migrants who wish to enter the United States legally and illegally. His team failed to anticipate the rise in traffic to the border that his proclamation would inevitably cause.

Perhaps their failure to address the issue is why the White House continues trying to deceive the American public into believing that the situation at the border is not a crisis. It makes sense considering the reality that the problem is resulting in more kids in cages, migrants waiting at the border, and an empowering of drug cartels operating in Mexico. (See: ‘Empowering the Drug Cartels:’ Gov. Greg Abbott Obliterates Biden’s Inept Response to Migrant Crisis)


At this point, it doesn’t seem that the Biden administration has any real plan to address the problem. The White House has not laid out a strategy for dealing with the influx of immigrants trying to gain entry into the United States. However, this does not seem to be discouraging more migrants from coming.

Even now, Customs and Border Patrol is preparing for yet another wave of migrant caravans making their way to the southern border. President Biden better come up with a solution quickly if he does not want the situation to worsen further as it will result in heightened criticism from both the left and the right. To put it simply, his team will not be able to get away with blaming it all on Trump for much longer.



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