Even Liberal Media Is Busting Jen Psaki's Spin About Migrant Kids and Cages

Even Liberal Media Is Busting Jen Psaki's Spin About Migrant Kids and Cages
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Joe Biden’s team claims that they are “more humane” than the Trump Administration in regards to how they are handling the unaccompanied minors.

“This is not kids in cages,” Jen Psaki claimed on February 23, when talking about migrant facilities.

Nonsense. While it’s true that HHS facilities are not the same as CBP holding areas or cells (although they’re still being detained), it’s also very misleading because they’re still keeping kids in adult holding cells in the same CBP stations. Notice how she slides right by that in her description when she talks about the “couple of days” before the kids go to the HHS temporary facility (that isn’t licensed). Anyone listening to Psaki but not understanding the spin would think that kids are not being detained in cages. So it’s not kids being held in more open fenced areas, it’s kids being locked in cramped actual cells. Not sure that’s a sell there on that concept, Jen.

But it sounds like the media might not be completely accepting that spin either.

But as we reported previously, the New York Times is reporting that they’re holding 3250 kids in ‘jail-like facilities for longer than allowed by law. That’s the CBP facilities where they can only hold them for 72 hours.

Now the Washington Post also picked up the story and noted not only were they holding nearly 3500 kids in the CBP stations, that this was more than it ever was under the Trump administration even at their highest point. They also noted that this record number of kids is being held longer than the 72 hours legally allowed. The WaPo says the fenced areas that were derided as “cages” are closed for renovations, but “[y]oung people are waiting in cramped, austere holding cells with concrete floors and benches. Lights remain on 24 hours a day, agents say, and there are few places to play.” Not sure the difference there, except solid walls and even more locked in?

Even more kids are on the way, according to reports, because as Psaki said they’re not expelling/refusing any of them entry, although she claims that most will not be allowed to stay.

According to the WaPo, they’re hunting for even more government facilities to stick the kids in. They’re looking at California’s Moffett Field, a former Navy station in Santa Clara County that now hosts a NASA research center and Google facilities as well as Fort Lee, an Army training installation in central Virginia. They’re also lifting any restrictions on social distancing at the present HHS facilities.

It’s so ‘not a crisis’ that Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas sent a mass email to department employees asking for “volunteers” to help out at the border.

WaPo also notes that the illegal aliens are coming in greater numbers every week because they believe Biden has “eased border controls” and they’re hearing by word of mouth about the thousands of migrants who are being processed and released into the United States each week with a notice to appear in court.

If they think the migrant crises of 2014 and 2019, Biden is stacking up for a real disaster with this one, with no end in sight.

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