WATCH: Breaking Down Maj Toure’s Black Conservative CPAC Panel

WATCH: Breaking Down Maj Toure’s Black Conservative CPAC Panel
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The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this year was a momentous even that gave conservatives a glimpse into the future of the Republican Party and conservative movement. After former President Donald Trump spoke, it was clear that a civil war of sorts on the right had begun in earnest.

The establishment elites and the non-establishment factions of the conservative movement are fighting for dominance and the right to determine the future of the party. Trump has already indicated that he will work to primary establishment GOP lawmakers during the 2022 primary season.

However, when Black Guns Matter founder Maj Toure hosted the final panel before Trump took the stage, the audience was exposed to a different breed of black conservative. The panel included #WalkAway’s Shemeka Michell, activist Rich Valdes, author Adrian Norma, radio talk show host Sonnie Johnson, and former congressional candidate Angela Stanton-King.

These individuals electrified the audience and highlighted the critical errors the Republican Party has made when it comes to reaching black voters. They talked about the use of stereotypes, lack of effective messaging, and even used a Fresh Prince of Bel Air reference to describe the GOP’s weaknesses in engaging the black community. In this video, I dissected some of the comments made by the members of the panel and gave my own analysis of the situation.

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What many on the right do not know is that a similar type of debate to the one we are seeing on the political stage is also happening within in realm of black conservatism. This particular conflict is similar in that it involves the mainstream black conservative establishment crowd and right-leaning black Americans who wish to see the Republican Party and the movement take a different approach to winning over black Americans, who overwhelmingly support Democrats.

I’ll give a little warning: The panel, and my video discuss some uncomfortable truths about the Republican Party and its relationship with the black community. You might not agree with all of it; this is not what we are used to discussing on the right, but these are issues we must address if conservatism is to remain relevant in the decades to come. All I ask is that you approach it with an open mind, and as always, let me know what you think!

Also, if you wish to watch the panel, click here.


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