White House Reporter Eviscerates Biden for Avoiding the Press, Says He Erected ‘Blue Wall’ to Shield Him From Media

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Here’s one that might surprise you. A left-leaning media activist blasted President Joe Biden for avoiding the press.

Yes, you read that right. Biden has finally received criticism from a member of the activist media. During a conversation with CNN media activist Brian Stelter, Yahoo White House Correspondent Brittany Shepherd discussed her coverage of the White House and the differences between the Trump and Biden administrations.


She started by giving the obligatory jab at the Trump administration by taking a shot at former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, comparing her to a “bad ex-boyfriend,” who had “essentially abused” other media activists.

After she got that out of the way, Shepherd noted President Biden’s guarded approach to the press and how his team controls his availability to the media. The media activist revealed how the administration keeps the president on a “tight leash” to minimize his risk of beclowning himself in front of the nation. She stressed that he will need to be prepared to handle tough questions.

“This is a growing problem for the Biden White House,” Shepherd observed.

She continued, “They like to keep a tight leash on their principal so he doesn’t come out in front of the camera and gaffe. I’d understand if I was a staffer, I’d have that perspective. But I’m never going to advocate against more transparency from Biden.”

Shepherd also pointed out that Biden’s appearances were highly controlled. “It is really manicured and it’s veneered … Something Trump did give us was the ability to kind of ask him unvarnished questions. Of course we would get ridiculous and crazy answers, but we knew what his perspective was at all times,” she said.


“And Biden has kind of built this blue wall of his staffers between us and him, and I think it will be a bit of an issue if he doesn’t come out and do sit downs,” the alleged reporter pointed out. “I always say there is two big White House stories, the one they want us to know and the ones they don’t, and being able to talk to him as directly as possible will get us towards the second.”

Well, color me shocked. Obviously, Shepherd’s anti-Trump remarks were expected – she is a left-wing media activist after all – but her points about Biden’s avoidance of the press are valid. But it does raise a question: What kind of shape is the president in that he can’t even make himself available to a media establishment dedicated to protecting him and promoting his agenda?

There can be no doubt that the majority of reporters would not dare to give Biden the Trump treatment and ask tough and pointed questions. Indeed, most of his interviews have been so easy that referring to their questioning as “softball” is too harsh. Is there a such thing as asking “T-Ball” questions?

Biden has been a hilarious gaffe machine from way back. But now, it seems he is so prone to making mistakes that he can’t even handle questions from a press who is fully on board with promoting his agenda. Imagine for a second how the Don Lemons of the world would react if Trump had blatantly avoided facing so-called reporters. It isn’t hard to imagine that there would be much wailing and gnashing of teeth, right?


If when the press continues to give him a free pass for his avoidance, it will only further demonstrate their bias in favor of left-leaning officials. Unlike Shepherd, they will help the administration come up with excuses for Biden’s virtual presidency. Even so, he will not get away with calling lids throughout his presidency despite the machinations of his allies in the activist media.



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