New Survey Reveals Rep. Liz Cheney’s Political Future Is Looking Rather Bleak

Things just keep getting worse and worse for Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY). After she cast her vote in favor of impeaching former President Donald Trump, the backlash coming from the right has been quite vicious.


First, the GOP in her home state of Wyoming publicly castigated and censured her after she supported the Democrats’ new production of “An Impeachment Story Part II: Maybe It’ll Work This Time.” She has lost most of her allies – except those who are fellow members of the Republican aristocratic establishment. As of last week, she now has a viable primary challenger.

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But now, it seems that it’s getting worse for the embattled lawmaker. Politico reported that a survey commissioned by Trump’s new PAC analyzed opinions of Cheney among Wyoming voters, and the verdict is not favorable.

From Politico:

According to a memo outlining the results, 73 percent of Republican voters and 62 percent of all voters in Wyoming expressed an unfavorable view of the three-term congresswoman. Just 10 percent of Republican primary voters and 13 percent of general election voters said they would vote to reelect her. The survey of 500 likely voters, which was conducted Jan. 25-26 by Trump pollster John McLaughlin, also presents Cheney as profoundly weak in a Republican primary. The congress member trails 54 percent to 21 percent in a head-to-head matchup against one of her announced opponents, state Sen. Anthony Bouchard.

McLaughlin wrote a memo to former Trump adviser Jason Miller explaining the results.

“Liz Cheney’s decision to vote to impeach President Trump makes her extremely vulnerable,” he wrote. “It is evident her ratings are in bad shape among general election voters and have collapsed among Republicans and Trump voters.”


The memo also points out that 73% of Republicans approve of “removing Cheney from Republican leadership in Congress.”

McLaughlin predicted that “Wyoming voters are going to hold Cheney accountable on the ballot” because “only 13% of general election voters would vote to re-elect Cheney.”

These numbers prove what we already know: Cheney is on her last legs politically, and this will likely be her last term in Congress. It is also worth considering what these results might mean for other lawmakers who voted to impeach Trump.

The base is fired up after the 2020 elections. They have grown weary of squishy Republican lawmakers who would rather seek the approval of the Democrats and their activist media allies instead of recognizing that the impeachment is a farce. There is a considerable chance that conservative voters might bring about some much-needed housecleaning during the 2022 midterms and 2024 general election. Hopefully, we don’t get more of the same.


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