Black Conservative Leader Launches New Initiative To Benefit Single Mothers


Her life became a shambles after she became a single mother without the resources she needed to take care of herself and her daughter. The situation looked rather bleak, as she was also dealing with other problems that could have had terrible consequences for herself and her child. But now, Felecia Killings is using the gifts she has been given to help single mothers who face the same type of issues she dealt with years ago.


Felecia Killings is an Award-Winning Coach, Motivational Speaker, Philanthropist, and Communications Consultant for Conservative Black Outreach. She is the Founder of The Conscious Conservative Movement, whose mission is to help “her Beloveds” build social, political, and economic empires based on Kingdom principles. She has launched an initiative called “Killingsville” which she created to help single mothers find a path forward after dealing with severe hardships.

Killings told RedState, “by delivering social, political, and economic empowerment using our training programs, KillingsVille and My Beloved Women’s Ministry, we help low-income single mothers create opportunities for the future.”

“Each month, we bless single mothers in our Network with funds for groceries. In addition, we provide them communal support, economic group coaching, and spiritual development through our communal living initiative,” she said. “Since June 2020, we successfully helped 7 single mothers, including a new mother, Amberly, whose baby was in NICU. Each month, we sent her donations to help offset grocery costs and any other immediate financial needs she had.”

Killings’ experiences as a single mother motivated her to provide solutions for those who faced the same struggles.

“Back in 2015, I found myself a single mother who had lost everything and needed a fresh start. Although I was legally married, my ex- had gotten into trouble, leaving me with a toddler to care for by myself,” she recounted.


At this point, Killings indicated that her only option was to rely on her faith to deliver her. “I packed one suitcase containing my only belongings, purchased a train ticket to Sacramento, CA, and took me and my daughter to “a new land” where I could rebuild. I remember telling the Holy Spirit, “It’s You, me, and the girl. And I need Your help to rebuild,” she said.

Killings and her daughter traveled to Sacramento, CO, and while staying in a hotel, tried to figure out where to go next. She posted an ad on Craigslist saying, “I’m looking for a large room to rent in a house for me and my daughter.” She received a response and ended up in a home.

“During that time, I built a strong community within this new development. The women on our block — who were married — became a strong support to me and Aaliyah,” she recalled. She continued:

If I needed a baby sitter, they were there for me. Some of the older women treated me and my daughter like their own, providing us cooked meals and other necessities. The women were a major blessing to me. And because I was in a healthy, nurturing environment, I was able to start my online business and virtual ministry. I could work from home, homeschool my daughter, and raise her in a communal environment that fostered our success.

This experience motivated Killings to “bring his type of support to other single mothers, especially to the ones who are in transition.” Through her foundation, she seeks to help “mothers who are going through a divorce, leaving a domestically-violent relationship, attempting to rebuild after enduring the criminal justice system, or ones who simply need help that blood relatives cannot provide.”


One of the reasons why Killings launched this initiative was to provide a solution to single mothers that does not involve government. She explained how using state assistance prevented her from achieving the success she wanted.

Killings said: “Back in 2015, because I lost everything and had a new toddler to care for, I was faced with using government assistance just to survive. The monthly aid actually paid for portions of my rent, and I had food stamps for monthly groceries. While this provided immediate relief, my “benefits” would diminish each time I made a little more money.”

It’s a scenario that many black Americans find themselves in – being given just enough money to live in poverty with no way to pull oneself out of those circumstances. “In other words, in order to continue getting services, I had to remain poor or under the poverty line. So, there was no sustainable benefits for me and my daughter, even if I went over the poverty line by $1,” Killings said.

She noted that her solution was preferable to a government-enforced cycle of poverty because it does not present an obstacle to success. Killings said:

KillingsVille is superior because we reward our mother-clients as they increase economically. In other words, we don’t remove empowering services from them simply because they earned more income. In addition, we ensure our mother-clients have the economic training to build their own opportunities, something the government does not (and cannot) provide.


She added: “While our transition program is shorter than government’s 4-year window for mothers receiving aid (we are a 24-month program), we make sure our mother-clients are properly prepared for new economic opportunities while they go through our program. And once they graduate, they are well-equipped to excel.”

The coach noted that people in need, like single mothers, should not only hear from the Democrats when it comes to seeking real solutions to their problem, they should be hearing from the Republican Party as well. “Progressivism should not be the only ideology presented to them as a means to help them. They should see conservatism and its members providing solutions that empower them now and in the future,” she said.

The debate between conservatives and leftists typically boils down to one issue: The extent to which the government should be involved in our lives. On the left, people generally believe the state should play a prominent role in most aspects of society in dealing with problems involving healthcare, poverty, education, and many others. Conversely, conservatives believe that private citizens and other entities can do more to help people in need over the long term.

Killings’ program is conservatism in action: people helping one another without state interference. As it continues to grow, it will be yet another example to other black Americans showing that government does not have to be the answer.








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