Activist Media Melts Down Over Tucker Carlson’s Comments On COVID Vaccine

Activist Media Melts Down Over Tucker Carlson’s Comments On COVID Vaccine
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Sometimes it seems like all Tucker Carlson has to do is sneeze and the left-wing activist media has a collective conniption. At least once per week, leftists and their fellow activists in the corporate media are freaking out about some comment Carlson made that caused them to feel emotionally wounded. This time, they are whining about remarks the Fox News host made regarding the new COVID-19 vaccine that was recently approved for use.

On his Wednesday show, Carlson expressed skepticism at the vaccination, stating that the rollout “feels false” and “too slick.”

During his opening monologue, the host noted that the rollout of the vaccination was supplemented by the type of marketing campaign “that you would typically associate with high-end consumer products.”

“So how are the rest of us supposed to respond to a marketing campaign like this?” Carlson asked. “Nervously, if you’re strongly supportive of vaccines, and we are. Even if you recognize how many lives have been saved because of vaccines, and we do. It all seems a bit much, it feels false because it is, it’s too slick.”

The Fox host also said that it would be “better to treat Americans like adults, explain the benefits, be honest about the risks, and let the rest of us decide.” He continued, noting the left’s hypocrisy when it comes to people determining what to do with their own bodies.

“In this country, we control our own bodies. They’re always telling us that,” he said. “But no. Suddenly, the rules have changed. On the question of the corona vaccine, our leaders are definitely not pro-choice. Their view is do what you’re told, and don’t complain, and no uncomfortable questions.”


Naturally, far-leftists on social media and in the press went full Looney Tunes after hearing Carlson’s remarks. MSNBC host Chris Hayes slammed Carlson on Thursday for supposedly spreading disinformation about the vaccine.

“My understanding is Tucker Carlson was starting to sorta toy with that,” said Hayes. “If they decide to do that, then we will have a real problem on our hands.”

Others took to Twitter to lambast the Fox News host:




The Daily Kos also weighed in with an article sporting a rather frantic headline: “Tucker Carlson just endangered us all by telling Fox viewers not to trust Covid vaccine.” In the piece, the author hilariously accused the host of attempting to murder Americans by convincing them not to take the vaccination. They wrote:

“Many states have murder statutes that include killing someone because of a ‘depraved indifference to human life,’ even though intent can’t be shown. Though it’s not enough to sustain a murder charge in Court, that’s exactly what Carlson is doing.  It’s also what Trump, DeSantis and the whole gang of COVID criminals have been doing since January.”

Of course, when you actually listen to Carlson’s comments, it becomes clear that he is not trying to dissuade people from taking the vaccine if they believe it is in their best interest. Instead, he is simply urging caution, which is what any responsible person would do when there is a vaccine that was developed in only seven months.

Carlson is correct. The media should not be assisting an all-out marketing campaign for a vaccination that many are rightly concerned about nor should the government be doing the same. As the host said, they should simply put forth the facts regarding the injection and allow the American public to decide. But those who prefer for the state to tell us what to do aren’t to fond of such a proposition, are they?



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