Rush Limbaugh To Trump: ‘Take MAGA Rallies To Georgia’

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Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh hit the nail on the head once again. On Monday, Limbaugh urged President Donald Trump to hold rallies in Georgia to ensure that the Republican Senate candidates win the runoff election. 

The two races are particularly crucial because they will determine which party controls the Senate. If Democrats win both seats, it will mean that the Senate be a 50/50 split between them and the Republicans. If former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) end up winning the election, it would mean that Harris would cast the deciding vote on legislation if the votes were tied. 

During his show’s opening segment, el Rushbo argued that Trump should go to Georgia to drum up support for Sens Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue. 

He said:

“I don’t know about you, but I’d kind of like to see President Trump in Georgia. I’d like to see some rallies. I’m not alone in this. We got two Senate seats that are very crucial, the runoffs, Perdue and Loeffler. We gotta get these seats secured. Otherwise, the left is gonna be able to — well, they’re not gonna be stoppable. It’s just gonna be dependent on what they want to do as to how far they go.”

Limbaugh continued, noting that Trump still has influence. “So those two Senate races, Perdue, Loeffler, they’re really crucial, and I think Trump is still the Republican Party. He’s still MAGA. He could still go down there and do some rallies and secure those two Senate seats,” he explained. 

The radio host pointed out that Democrats are pulling out all the stops to win both Senate seats. They are even using celebrities to win over Georgian voters. 

But it’s even worse than it seems. Biden is most likely going to be heading down to Georgia in the near future. Fox News reported that “the president-elect’s newly named Chief of Staff Ron Klain said on Sunday on ABC’s ‘This Week’ that Biden is likely to visit Georgia, as Democratic victories for both Senate candidates would result in a 50-50 split in the upper chamber of Congress.”

Democrats from outside the state are also donating huge sums of money to their calls. Many have traveled to Georgia to volunteer on the challengers’ campaigns. Some have floated the idea of moving to the state so they can vote in the elections. 

If Trump were to show up in Georgia and hold rallies in support of the two incumbents, it would help to rile up the base enough to motivate them to show up at the polls on Jan 5. The Senate races are crucial. Harris and Biden have an agenda that would scare any liberty-loving American. Letting them take the Senate would make it much easier for the Democrats to continue their endeavor to fundamentally transform America. 


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