I Was Suspended From Twitter. The Reason Why Is Absolutely Absurd

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I don’t always get in trouble on Twitter, but when I do, it’s for the most idiotic reasons that Twitter can think of. I have appealed their decision, but if they uphold my suspension, it’s yet another piece of evidence (as if we needed more) that the social media company is 100% biased against conservatives on its platform. 


It happened on Wednesday evening when I was making fun of Democrats who refer to black conservatives as “Uncle Toms” and “coons.” If you follow me on Twitter, you know I can be rather spicy at times. 

I’m known for making fun of tomfoolery on both sides, but my most caustic criticism is typically reserved for the left. I have a particular disdain for black Democrats who accuse black conservatives of tap dancing for white conservatives while they continue their own Bojangles and Shirley Temple tap dance routine for white progressives.*

But in this case, I made a rather benign tweet satirizing leftists who use these racial epithets against black Republicans — I never actually called anyone either name. Not even five seconds later, I got a notice saying that I’m suspended for seven days. 

Here is the tweet I posted:

“Hey there’s a black conservative tweeting about how he likes Trump! I’m gonna call him an Uncle Tom and a c00n! That’ll make my white progressives soooooo happy! #BLMInBio”

It’s pretty clear that I’m using satire to make point, isn’t it? After all, I’ve never ever called anyone an “Uncle Tom” or “coon” on Twitter. But they suspended me anyway. 

But, there’s something curious about this whole situation.

If you go to Twitter’s search function and type in “Uncle Tom,” or “coon,” you will see a neverending list of users hurling those terms at black folks who commit the unpardonable sin of having right-wing views. If you add “filter:verified” to the search, you will see blue checkmarks doing the same. 


Here are some examples:







Odd. Not a single one of these people faced a suspension. I doubt they were even warned about their use of racial epithets. And no, the woke Marxists at Twitter can’t say they’re letting them get away with it because they’re black and it’s okay when “they” say it. 

I’m blacker than a lot of these folks and they still put me in Twitter jail. To be fair, I did come across one person who claims he was suspended for calling comedian Terrence K. Williams a coon. 




However, this is the only left-leaning Twitter user that I have seen being penalized for using these slurs. The bias seems evident, doesn’t it? 

I have appealed Twitter’s decision, pointing out that I was merely satirizing people who use those slurs. I also noted the overwhelming number of people who are using that word right now without punishment and told them that I have been referred to by those epithets without anything happening to the imbeciles who used them against me. 

This could be a simple misunderstanding or an algorithmic issue. This is why I chose to appeal. I am giving Twitter the chance to make it right. If they read my appeal, look at the tweet itself and uphold their decision, then this is another example of their Marxist anti-conservative bias and I will shout it from the rooftops. 

But even if they do treat me fairly, it is still obvious that Twitter has issues with political bias on its platform, and if the Republicans manage to hold on to the Senate, they better start doing something other than dragging Jack Dorsey into the Capitol to yell at him for a few hours. 

The Democrats are already looking to regulate social media and take their policing of speech even further. Former Vice President Joe Biden has already stated that if he is elected, he will explore avenues through which the government can crack down on “hate speech” under the guise of preventing harassment and bullying online. 


I should know the result of my appeal in a few days and I will post an update when I receive it. In the meantime, you can follow me on Parler here


*Disclaimer: I have absolutely nothing against Bojangles or Shirley Temple. I used to love watching those shows!

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