Biden Makes Desperate Accusation Against Trump in Front of Black Voters

Former Vice President Joe Biden seems to be throwing out any political attack against Trump that he can dream up. It’s almost like he’s just making this stuff up as he goes. On Monday, Biden told a black crowd in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, that Trump does not want them to vote. 


During the campaign stop at a predominantly black community in Pittsburgh, Biden made a last-minute appeal to minority voters. He said:

“I don’t care how hard Donald Trump tries, there is nothing that he can do to stop the people of this nation from voting, no matter how hard he tries. There’s a press article last week, and it read as follows, ‘never before in modern presidential history has a candidate been reliant on wide-scale efforts to repress the vote as Trump.’”

“Trump doesn’t want y’all voting, he doesn’t want Americans voting,” Biden continued. “He thinks only wealthy people should vote.”

It was a scene reminiscent of his “put y’all back in chains” comments that he made during the 2012 campaign. The former vice president argued that voters should show up at the polls on Election Day to show that  “we’re done with the chaos, we’re done with the racism, we’re done with the tweets, the anger, the hate, the failure, the irresponsibility.”

Biden, along with his close friends and allies in the corporate press, has made similar allegations against Trump, falsely claiming that the president is trying to prevent black people from voting. It’s a common refrain that you hear in every election season. Democrats pretend there is some widespread effort masterminded by Republicans to keep black folks from casting their votes in some modern version of Jim Crow. 


Of course, the left rarely provides any credible evidence for their accusations of voter suppression. But during this election season, they did manage to find some proof: Long lines at polling locations during the early voting period. Somehow, standing in a long line means that the powers-that-be are trying to suppress votes. It can’t possibly have anything to do with the shortage of poll workers, right? 

With President Trump making a concerted effort to reach black voters, Biden is rightly concerned that he might not have enough support in the black community to win the election. Hillary Clinton was faring much better with the black community in 2016 than Biden is now, and his campaign likely knows this.

But it’s even deeper than that. Biden’s overall voter enthusiasm has improved but is still far lower than usual. Black people have grown weary of the Democratic Party, which has taken advantage of the black vote without providing significant results. However, this does not automatically mean they will throw their support behind Trump. 

While the president is almost certain to improve his numbers with the black community, it seems more likely that black people will stay home, which will harm Biden’s chances of winning more than Trump’s. If this happens, it will be yet another sign showing that the Republican Party now has an opportunity to start courting black voters again. 



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