Kamala Harris Lies About Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s Confirmation

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster


Just moments after Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed by the Senate, progressives began expressing their rage at President Donald Trump and Republican lawmakers for daring to go forward with her appointment. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), the Democratic vice presidential nominee, also slammed the confirmation, deceptively claiming that the move went against the will of the American people. 

Shortly after the 52 to 48 vote confirming the new justice was held, Harris called it “illegitimate” and declared that the American public “will not forget” this apparent slight on the citizenry. But she also argued that the American people did not want to see Barrett confirmed before the election. 

“Today Republicans denied the will of the American people by confirming a Supreme Court justice through an illegitimate process—all in their effort to gut the Affordable Care Act and strip health care from millions with pre-existing conditions. We won’t forget this,” the senator tweeted.

However, there is a massive problem with Harris’ assertion: It is entirely and utterly false. According to a Gallup poll released almost a week ago, a slight majority of Americans supported Barrett’s confirmation. 

From Gallup: 

“A slim 51% majority of Americans support federal judge Amy Coney Barrett to fill the U.S. Supreme Court seat left vacant by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death last month. At the same time, 46% of U.S. adults do not want Barrett to be seated, and 3% do not yet have an opinion of her nomination.”

Sure, there are plenty of Americans who opposed Barrett’s confirmation. Still, it seems clear that the majority either have no opinion or were in favor of her being seated on the court. Of course, this reality is lost on those on the left who are dismayed by the fact that progressive activist judges are no longer the majority on the Supreme Court. 

Harris wasn’t the only leftist who was angered by the proceedings. Two members of “The Squad” called for court-packing immediately after the vote was held. The New York Times ran a series of op-eds arguing for the same. My colleague Brandon Morse wrote a piece noting some of the reactions to Barrett’s confirmation. 

He rightly pointed out that, “since Barrett is a devout Christian woman with right-leaning beliefs, naturally the left can only come to the conclusion that Barrett is going to set fire to Roe v. Wade, rip up the ACA, and then force every woman into handmaid outfits to live out the rest of their days under the rule of the patriarchy.”

Unfortunately for the left, their messiah, President Barack Obama, was right when he said that “elections have consequences.” Nobody actually believes that the Democrats would have done anything differently if the shoe were on the other foot. So, no matter what happens in November, the Supreme Court is no longer theirs to legislate with as they see fit. This is the real reason why they are so upset, isn’t it? 


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