Gov. Whitmer Doubles Down Blaming Trump for Kidnapping Plot

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One of the most annoying symptoms of those suffering from Trump derangement syndrome is a tendency to blame any and every negative occurrence on the president, even if you have to perform the most astonishing feats of mental gymnastics to do so. Despite evidence to the contrary, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is doubling down on her fallacious allegations that the plot to kidnap her is somehow related to that mean guy in the Oval Office. 


During a Sunday appearance on CBS’ “Face The Nation,” Whitmer insisted, without proof, that Trump’s rhetoric was somehow providing “comfort and support” to “domestic terrorists” like the ones who were planning to kidnap her. When host Margaret Brennan asked if Whitmer felt safe, she indicated that she has “always felt safe” because she is protected by the Michigan State Police. Then, her symptoms began flaring up again. 

She said: 

“But, I do believe that there are still serious threats that groups like this group, these domestic terrorists, are finding comfort and support in the rhetoric coming out of Republican leadership from the White House to our state House. And so I remain concerned about safety and integrity going up to this election.”

Let’s be frank. At this point, Whitmer likely knows that the true motivations of each individual involved in the conspiracy are not yet known. In fact, there seems to be more evidence at this point that the would-be kidnappers aren’t fans of Trump than there is to the contrary. My colleague, Nick Arama, pointed this out in his article showing that one of the suspects is an anarchist and hates the president. “The Detroit News implied a connection to the Boogaloo Boys because Caserta was wearing a Hawaiian shirt in a video but they apparently missed or failed to mention the anarchist flag he was displaying in the video,” he wrote. 


Video footage shows Brian Caserta, one of the alleged conspirators, giving his views on the president. “Trump is not your friend, dude,” he said. “And it amazes me that people actually believe that when he’s shown over and over and over again that he’s a tyrant. Every single person that works for government is your enemy, dude.”

But this isn’t the only indication that the plot had nothing to do with Trump. RedState’s Bonchie discussed William Null, one of the other suspects, noting that he was affiliated with the Black Lives Matter movement. “It turns out that anarchists have a lot more in common with the left and Antifa than they do with Trump supporters. Want more proof of that? We are now learning that another plotter was a Black Lives Matter supporter and may have been partially motivated by George Floyd’s death,” he wrote.

The Washington Post published a piece noting that Null participated in at least one Black Lives Matter protests. Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf stated that he ran into the young man at gun rights rallies. He told The Post that Null said he drove to Flint to pass out water bottles with others involved in the Black Lives Matter movement. Doesn’t sound like the type of person who would be inspired by President Trump, does he? 

Gov. Whitmer and her colleagues are brazenly lying about the kidnapping plot in a cynical attempt to turn it into a political cudgel to use against Trump. They are taking advantage of the lack of known facts to concoct their own narrative because the reality is that they don’t care about domestic terrorism. They care about political expediency. 


It seems incredible that someone who was the target of a potential kidnapping plot would immediately react by figuring out how it could benefit her politically. But here we are. Unfortunately, this is the world we’re living in when it comes to American politics in 2020.


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