WATCH: Here's Why Kamala Harris Was A Smart VP Choice For Biden


Ever since the Biden campaign announced that they had selected Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) as the former vice president’s running mate, pundits on both the left and the right have weighed in, debating her suitability as a VP candidate. On the left, there is a heated debate over her problematic record as California’s attorney general. As the corporate press has gone into spin mode to make her more palatable for moderates, progressives are not letting go of the fact that she imprisoned over a thousand people for low-level drug offenses. 


It seems that most on the right believe that choosing Harris is the nail in Biden’s coffin due to her being a horrible candidate. After all, her prosecutorial record in California would certainly be a turn off to black voters, right? 

Here’s the reality. When one looks a bit deeper at this situation, it becomes clear that Harris was a politically shrewd choice, a smart decision disguised as a crappy one. Kamala Harris was not selected to appeal to black Americans. She was selected to appeal to white liberals and moderates — especially women living in the suburbs. 

In this video, I explain why this is a significant factor for the 2020 election.



In the video, I also explain why some of the arguments that conservatives are using against her are more likely to fall flat than to dissude people from supporting her. I lay out the reasons why her prosecutorial record is an issue, but that it will difficult for the right to get America to take us seriously on this argument. 

I also discuss the focus on Harris’ lineage, which does not matter nearly as much as some would like. Her descending from slave owners is not going to turn anyone off, nor is it an effective attack against leftist hypocrisy. 

However, there are other lines of attack we can use against Harris’ candidacy that would be far more effective. But the key point to remember is that Kamala Harris is not running for vice president, she is running for president. Biden has already indicated that he would not serve more than one term if elected, and there are serious doubts as to whether he could even make it through his first term. 


Harris is not the moderate that the corporate media wants us to believe she is. She is as far to the left as Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and the Squad. If she were to occupy the Oval Office, there is no telling what an authoritarian like her would do through executive order. She has already indicated a willingness to use her office to violate the constitution if she takes the presidency. It is for this reason why we must work to ensure that this never happens. 


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