Terry Gilliam Should Shut Up and Make Movies

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Director Terry Gilliam is great at making movies. As a former member of the Monty Python comedy group and a well-respected director, he knows what it takes to create quality entertainment. But when it comes to cultural commentary — especially when it involves the black community — he’s utterly clueless. 


In a recent interview with Indiewire, the director made some not-so-flattering comments about the movie “Black Panther.” He criticized the wardrobe used in the film saying that “they went and got some stylist for some African pattern fabrics and things.” 

But it was his comments regarding the black children who watched the film that seems to have garnered both criticism and praise. He said: “I hated ‘Black Panther.’ It makes me crazy. It gives young black kids the idea that this is something to believe in. Bullsh*t. It’s utter bullsh*t. I think the people who made it have never been to Africa.” 

Well, he’s factually wrong on at least one count — Director Ryan Coogler, as well as other members of the crew traveled to African nations to gain insight for the film. But his comments about how black kids responded to the movie were, as he would say, “utter bullsh*t.” 

The notion that “Black Panther” would somehow cause black children to believe in something they shouldn’t is rather ignorant. What exactly does he think these kids believed after leaving the movie theater? Does he think black children thought they could craft a suit made from vibranium and fight against the forces of evil? Or perhaps he took issue with the idea that a black child might think that someone who looks like him could do something worthwhile? 

His argument is about as ridiculous as saying that white kids would somehow think they could become a super soldier after watching a Captain America film. Here’s the reality: All children love to pretend they are superheroes. In fact, when the movie first came out, the left tried to make an issue out of the idea that white kids would choose to dress up as King T’Challa’s character for Halloween. Of course, the actors who starred in the film welcomed this, viewing it as a compliment. 


Gilliams is certainly no conservative — in the same interview, he indicated that President Trump is an “egomaniac” and a “megalomaniac.” But the reality is that this is how progressives view blacks. But some, like Gilliam, don’t hide their disdain as well as others. I posted a tweet about Gilliam’s comments and I got a response that sums it up nicely:

“Black Panther is fiction. But it’s way bigger then what the director is saying. The movie gave black kids the dream of being both in front of the camera and behind the camera. Ruth Carter won an Oscar for designs. That dude just don’t get it.”

He’s right. Gilliam doesn’t get it. The film was one of the few blockbusters that had a mostly black cast and crew. And many Americans on both sides of the political spectrum thought it was a good flick. If black children were given “something to believe in,” it was the idea that they could create a popular movie that included professionals that represented them. As most know, the progressive Hollywood machine is known for its thinly-veiled racism. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying Gilliam is a racist. I don’t follow him enough to make that judgment. But to me, his singling out of black children when there are literally 22 other Marvel films he could have picked on is indicative of a certain attitude in Hollywood — which is a bastion for far-left progressivism — towards black Americans.


So here’s my question: Should conservatives defend this behavior? In a word, no. I can’t see any valid reason to come to the defense of a progressive establishment that exhibits bigotry against minorities and those who disagree with them politically. Instead of always being on defense when leftists erroneously accuse conservatives of racism, perhaps it is time for us to point out the racism in their own ranks. Maybe it’s time for them to be on defense, for a change. 


What do you think? Let me know in the comments below. 

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