Shocker: Democrats Already Using Pensacola Shooting to Push Gun Control


It’s like clockwork. 

A mass shooting occurs and progressive politicians rush to push for additional gun control measures without waiting for the facts to come out. The terrorist attack at a naval base in Pensacola, FL seems to have elicited the same reaction. As more facts emerge, it appears there are some aspects of this story that will not bolster the hard left’s push to further restrict firearms. 


Democratic presidential contenders took to social media to decry the terrorist attack and to also call for more restrictions on firearms. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) tweeted: “Pearl Harbor. Pensacola. Not even our military bases are safe from gun violence. I’m heartsick for the victims and their families. We must end this epidemic and protect the lives of our service members.”

Former San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro also weighed in on Twitter: “Not even our military bases are safe from mass shootings. From Pearl Harbor to Pensacola, gun violence is destroying our communities. My deepest condolences to the grieving families. This can’t be the world we want our kids to grow up in. We must act.”

Mayor Pete Buttigieg tweeted: “While we wait for more information, my thoughts are with the victims and their families. Service members and the dedicated civilians who support them deserve nothing less than safety on American soil and communities free from gun violence. Enough.”

Even Marianne Williamson, who hasn’t been heard from in a while, chimed in: “What will it take to wage peace? It will take outer work and it will also take inner work. It will take regulating our guns and it will also take regulating our hearts.”


In other mass shootings, the prime objective of the gun control lobby is to persuade the American public to support the banning of assault rifles. This is why they typically go all out when a gunman conducts such an attack using an AR-15 or another such weapon. But in this case, the shooter did not use a rifle, he used a handgun. Given that this fact just surfaced, it is likely that the media and progressive leaders might back off. They aren’t attempting to ban handguns — yet. 

But the other aspect of this case is that it appears to have been an act of Islamic terror. Rep. Matt Gaetz released a video in which he acknowledged that the shooting — which was carried out by a member of the Saudi military — was a terrorist attack. On top of that, authorities also arrested six other Saudi nationals in connection to the assault. This was not the progressive’s optimum scenario: A young mentally disturbed white male who legally purchased a gun and used it to kill scores of people. 

The other element in this story is the fact that guns are already forbidden on military bases. Even those carrying government-issued firearms are required to lack them in an arms room while they are on base. These weapons are only allowed to be used when they are required for training. If a member of the military is caught carrying a firearm on base in violation of the rules their career could be at risk. 


To put it simply, the hard left is going to have a hard time spinning the Pensacola shooting into a piece of anti-gun propaganda. So don’t be surprised if the corporate media forgets about this story in a week or so. 

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