Journalist Steals Campaign Sign of GOP Contender for Cumming's House Seat

East Baltimore

An east Baltimore, MD neighborhood in the summer of 2018. Screen grab via Fox 45 – Baltimore.

Looks like some folks are terrified of who might replace deceased Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD). Maggie Ybarra, a freelance journalist who previously worked for The Washington Times, decided to publicize her opinion on one of the candidates running for Cummings’ seat by tweeting her act of theft and vandalism for all to see because it’s still 2019 and everything is stupid. 


Yesterday, Ybarra posted a tweeted with a picture of a campaign sign advertising for the election of Kimberly Klacik, the GOP contender for Cummings’ House seat. “I’m not much into local politics or personalities but I sure recognized the name of county lady who parachuted into Baltimore to make videos of its dirty alleys to shame civil rights icon Elijah Cummings, which sparked an epic Trump tirade,” she wrote. Then, in a second tweet, she posted a picture after destroying and throwing Klacik’s sign in a trash can. 


After Rep. Cummings’ passing in October, many have speculated about who would occupy his seat in Congress. One of those vying for his position is Republican strategist Kimberly Klacik, who came to prominence after she exposed the deplorable conditions in which residents of Cummings’ district live. As a resident of Baltimore, MD, she went into the 7th district and filmed her observations of the area. 

It was her coverage that drew the nation’s attention to the plight of residents — mostly black — living under Democratic governance and prompted Trump’s Twitter tirade against Rep. Cummings, with whom he had already feuded. As you might remember, the progressive left responded not by calling out the city’s leadership, but by viciously attacking Klacik for the crime of exposing the city government’s ineptitude and neglect. 


But Klacik’s coverage didn’t just spark the President’s ire; it also inspired some on the right to take action and do what the progressive government refused to do. GOP activist Scott Presler led a cleanup effort to remove trash and other debris from the streets. 

RedState spoke with conservative activist and YouTuber Olivia Rondeau, who joined Presler in the first cleanup event. “Before we cleaned, it was literally rat-infested,” she said. She continued:

“There were needles, dirty diapers, broken furniture, etc. This was all in run-down residential neighborhoods where people were either forced to move out of or live amongst filth. The conditions were extremely improved after we cleaned as we removed actual tons of trash. The residents were very thankful.”

Apparently, Ybarra didn’t much appreciate the fact that Klacik’s work inspired people to help Baltimore residents. Contrary to what she might have expected, her attempt to virtue signal on Twitter about trashing one of Klacik’s signs backfired — she was roundly excoriated instead of praised.

It’s important to note that there was some confusion as to her relationship to The Washington Times — some believed her to still be employed with the news outlet. But according to Valerie Richardson, a national reporter for the organization, Ybarra left in 2015. She is now a freelance journalist.


RedState also reached out to Klacik for her comment on the matter. She responded: “I am honored that my name is recognizable, hopefully this equals a win.” 


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