ICE Arrests Sexual Predator Released by Sanctuary City

This is a story we have heard far too often, but not enough to compel the open borders crowd to re-evaluate their love of sanctuary laws. Last week, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) apprehended a Guatemalan national residing in the U.S. illegally. The individual had been arrested for sexual abuse against children but released by the Philadelphia Police Department. 


An ICE press release explains that Hector Moran-Espinoza was arrested in April for “involuntary deviate sexual intercourse by forcible compulsion, unlawful contact with a minor-sexual offenses,” and a slew of other lascivious charges involving sexual misconduct with minors. Put simply, the man is a sexual predator who preys on children. Despite the gravity of the allegations, the Philadelphia Police Department released him. 

Moran was arrested for a second time in May for similar offenses. After each arrest, ICE’s Philadelphia Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) filed a detainer on the suspect. Both times, the authorities failed to comply with the detainer and freed Moran. 

Simona Flores-Lund, the Director of ICE’s Philadelphia Field Office explained the seriousness of the situation: 

“The victims in this case are young children, whose lives are now forever changed. This monster was released not once, but twice, without notifying ICE. We are committed to strengthening our relationship with local law enforcement, as we want nothing more than to keep our communities safe.”

Needless to say, the notion that a sanctuary city like Philadelphia would release someone with Moran’s record of abusing children is frightening — especially to residents with children. Unfortunately, stories like this are occurring frequently in other sanctuary cities across the country. 


Last month, the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing at which officials working with ICE discussed the problems with sanctuary laws. Timothy Robbins, the Acting Executive Associate Director for ICE explained that an appalling number of illegal immigrants arrested for committing additional crimes after crossing the border were being released under these laws. Many of these individuals go on to commit more crimes after being freed according to Robbins:

“What we’ve seen, and depending on the report you look at, anywhere from 40% to 80% of those who have committed crimes will re-offend. In that regard, what we’re seeing is crimes that could be preventable, the human cost who are being victimized and hurt by criminal aliens that ICE had the ability to remove from this country.”

Sanctuary cities release thousands of illegal immigrant criminals every single year. Democratic politicians impose laws protecting these individuals despite the clear danger they pose to the public. There is absolutely no good reason why a person like Moran should be allowed to remain in the country, and the notion that he would be allowed to walk the streets is ridiculous. 

Democrats are essentially placing the concerns of illegal immigrants over the safety of the citizens they were elected to serve. There does not seem to be any number of stories detailing the victims of violent criminals who were allowed to remain free to inflict harm on American citizens that would compel the open borders movement to reconsider their stance. It’s one thing to argue for lax immigration policies, but allowing sexual predators and violent criminals to terrorize the innocent is far beyond what is necessary. 


These are the same folks who rail against ICE for setting up a fake university to capture illegal aliens who overstay their student visas. The people who advocate for sanctuary laws to protect predators and murderers are the same who argue that the government should abolish the agency charged with arresting these individuals and getting them out of the country. Perhaps the safety of American citizens isn’t as important to the hard left as political expediency. 

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