On Rappers, CVS Ladies, and the N-Word

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I guess the N-word is what we’re doing on Twitter today.


It seems that every so often, a conversation arises on the right about the use of the term. It’s usually a response to a viral video showing someone using the word in a derogatory manner.

Or sometimes it comes up because a famous individual is caught saying it. This time, it was the now-infamous CVS lady, who was filmed screaming at a black woman and repeatedly calling her the N-word.

“I hate n*ggers!” she yelled as she walked to her car. The woman began using the slur over and over again: “I would kill a n*gger, but the law says I can’t kill the n*ggers. If the law didn’t say that I couldn’t kill the n*ggers, they’d all be dead.”

This is where I would normally say: “Imagine being this person.” Instead, just be grateful that you’re not.

The identity of the woman was finally revealed, and she lost her job. But that hasn’t stopped the backlash.

Conservative pundit Brandon Tatum posted a video on YouTube titled “The White lady at CVS can’t say it BUT Rappers can?” In the video, he played the footage of the woman’s rant, then played clips of rappers using the N-word in their music.

He then argued that the woman’s use of the word was equivalent to how hip-hop artists use it in their songs. “If you gonna be mad and offended because some white lady at CVS used the N-word, you should be offended when Nipsey do it, you should be offended when Young Jeezy do it,” he said.


Tatum then discussed the fact that white supremacist violence against blacks is far less than black-on-black violence. It was a departure from the original point, but it echoed the same arguments made when Congress held hearings discussing the impact of white nationalism.

Needless to say, his video elicited quite a reaction. Some agreed with his opinion while others did not. Interestingly enough, many of those who disagreed with Tatum were Trump supporters. One user tweeted:


Another took issue with the false equivalency in his arguments, tweeting:

Lastly, another argued that there is a distinct difference between the two:


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