John McCain Slams Trump for Sharing Sensitive Intelligence With the Russians

Whether people agree with John McCain or hold him up as an “establishment lackey” or worse as a “traitor,” nobody is going to accuse him of being inconsistent. Senator McCain offers praise for President Trump when warranted but does not cower in fear like other Republicans who refuse to criticize the President no matter what mess he creates.

It’s no different with the story that President Trump revealed classified information to Russian officials. His office released the following statement:

“The reports that the President shared sensitive intelligence with Russian officials are deeply disturbing. Reports that this information was provided by a U.S. ally and shared without its knowledge sends a troubling signal to America’s allies and partners around the world and may impair their willingness to share intelligence with us in the future. Regrettably, the time President Trump spent sharing sensitive information with the Russians was time he did not spend focusing on Russia’s aggressive behavior, including its interference in American and European elections, its illegal invasion of Ukraine and annexation of Crimea, its other destabilizing activities across Europe, and the slaughter of innocent civilians and targeting of hospitals in Syria.”

I expect the reaction to this statement from Trumpers will be…not nice.

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