Idiot College Students Say 'Truth' Is All About White Supremacy

Paying $49,000 a year for my son or daughter to attend college only to turn into a moronic social justice warrior, would drive me batty. I suppose some people are okay with it or accept it because some students at Pomona College in California are making demands that will make heads spin.


The letter, which is poorly written tripe, deserves to be read in its entirety just to be aware of its asininity. The letter demands the school take disciplinary action against students who write for The Claremont Independent. It just so happens it is a conservative newspaper. Also, the letter addresses Heather MacDonald from The Manhattan Institute. She was prevented from speaking on campus by protesters who laughably labeled her a “white supremacist” and that all “hate speech” should be banned on campus.

However, their definition of “hate speech” is so jarringly stupid; I had to read it over more than once. Look what they write:

The idea that there is a single truth–’the Truth’–is a construct of the Euro-West that is deeply rooted in the Enlightenment, which was a movement that also described Black and Brown people as both subhuman and impervious to pain. This construction is a myth and white supremacy, imperialism, colonization, capitalism, and the United States of America are all of its progeny. The idea that the truth is an entity for which we must search, in matters that endanger our abilities to exist in open spaces, is an attempt to silence oppressed peoples.

It gets better:

The idea that the search for this truth involves entertaining Heather Mac Donald’s hate speech is illogical. If engaged, Heather Mac Donald would not be debating on mere difference of opinion, but the right of Black people to exist. Heather Mac Donald is a fascist, a white supremacist, a warhawk, a transphobe, a queerphobe, a classist, and ignorant of interlocking systems of domination that produce the lethal conditions under which oppressed peoples are forced to live. Why are you, and other persons in positions of power at these institutions, protecting a fascist and her hate speech and not students that are directly affected by her presence?


The notion Heather MacDonald is a “white supremacist” is absurd. Note how the students are saying they need “protection” from Miss MacDonald.

Just as one thinks it cannot get more absurd:

Advocating for white supremacy and giving white supremacists platforms wherefrom their toxic and deadly illogic may be disseminated is condoning violence against Black people.


Engaging with her, a white supremacist fascist supporter of the police state, is a form of violence.

What is wrong with this country? These students are “afraid” of being challenged, so they turn it around, attempting to take speech they don’t like, and turning it into a “form of violence.” How are these people going to cope in the real world?

How does one argue truth is merely a “construct” and begin to think they can function in society, let alone college?


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