Wrong, Hillary. People Like Successful Women. They Just Don't Like You

Hillary Clinton was at a women’s forum being interviewed by Nick Kristoff of the NY Times. The interview is one long whine about why she didn’t win the 2016 election. One of the excuses she brought up was misogyny, saying it was a factor in the race.


First, the data doesn’t support her contention. The male/female vote split between her and Donald Trump was the same as it was between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in 2012.

It’s when she goes to the likability factor, that she goes off the rails. She wants people to believe that because she’s “successful” and “ambitious” that she’s less likable.


Her comments are such hogwash. Does she honestly believe people don’t like her because she’s an ambitious, successful woman? People like Carly Fiorina just fine. She’s successful. She’s ambitious. Nikki Haley is successful. She is ambitious, and people are raving about her and the job she is doing as US Ambassador to the United Nations.

She lost to Barack Obama. She nearly lost to Bernie Sanders and then lost to Donald Trump. Not because she’s a success (that’s debatable) and not because she’s ambitious. She lost because she’s a horrendous candidate with a team that ran a bad campaign.

Deal with it.


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