It's Not Just Gallup Where Trump's Approval Is in the Gutter

For somebody who put the polls above all else when it was good for him, Donald Trump hasn’t uttered a whisper about his job approval ratings. After just a little over two months in office, Trump is dealing with some of the worst numbers of a newly elected President in the nation’s history.


The Gallup poll has Trump languishing in the 30’s but it doesn’t get much better elsewhere. A new NBC/SurveyMonkey poll is out and it’s not good news for Trump:

Meanwhile, Trump’s job approval is at just 42 percent. A majority — 56 percent — disapprove of the job he is doing. His net approval is now negative 14, down 3 points from negative 11 last month.

The bit of good news in the poll for Trump is a majority of Americans do want Neil Gorsuch to get a vote. This is on the heels of Democratic threats to filibuster the nomination:

A majority of Americans overall (54 percent) say that Senate Democrats should allow a vote on Gorsuch. Just 37 percent say they should not allow a vote.

Democratic Senators have said they may filibuster Gorsuch in order to prevent a vote effectively leveraging their only opportunity to stop his appointment to the Supreme Court.

While a sizable majority of Democrats, 64 percent, say that Senate Democrats should prevent a vote, 31 percent say they should allow a vote.


Even among Democrats, 30% think Gorsuch should get a vote.

If Trump had smart people around him, they could use this to their advantage. Trump should be out there now decrying any attempt to deny Gorsuch a vote. Instead, he’s wasting time tweeting about Hillary Clinton.


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