What In The World Is President Trump Doing Holding Rallies?

One of the biggest criticisms of Barack Obama was the perpetual campaign cycle. Even after he won in 2012 and immediately became a lame duck, he still would behave as though he was on the campaign trail. Obama often had these “road trips” where he would try to sell a policy. It would flop, but he enjoyed doing it.

Donald Trump is going to be a holding a rally in Florida this weekend, and it makes zero sense.

From Politico:

President Donald Trump is returning to the trail.

The president will hold a rally Saturday afternoon at a hangar in Melbourne, Florida. It will be his first campaign-style rally since his so-called thank-you tour during the transition period to states he won in November.

“Join me in Florida this Saturday at 5pm for a rally at the Orlando-Melbourne International Airport!” Trump tweeted from his personal Twitter handle, along with a link for supporters to RSVP.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment regarding the rally, but Trump himself had floated the idea of hosting them even as president.

The return to campaign form, if only for a day, could give a boost to Trump’s presidency. The early stages of his administration have been marred by damaging leaks compounded by withering criticism from the media, massive protests against his policies and Cabinet nominees, an increasing number of potential investigations against him and his allies, and some solitude, as his wife and 10-year-old son have spent most of their time in New York.

I understand the need for narcissists like President Trump and President Obama wanting to be in front of adoring fans. That said, Trump’s administration is in turmoil. The last thing he needs to be doing right now is holding a rally in Florida.

Instead, he should be getting his crap together within in his administration and focus on taking some of the haphazardness that has dominated the first three weeks. There’s no cohesive message. They have people going on television, contradicting themselves. They have people within the administration leaking information to the press (outside of the intel leaks) to undermine other people within the administration.

His poll numbers are in the toilet. Gallup has his latest approval at 40% with a disapproval of 53%.

The rally will be ideal for the faithful Trump supporters. He will be sure to touch on all of the subjects to get them riled up including bashing the media and talking about the Mexican border wall.

The question is, “What good will this do?”


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