4 Ways Democrats Unhinged Antics Are Playing Right Into Donald Trump's Hands

Donald Trump first 20 days in office have been a whirlwind of activity, drama, and flashes of incompetence. I think President Trump has been somewhat overwhelmed by the job as he, like most new Presidents, are not cognizant of the amount of constant work involved. Trump’s problems would be far worse except for the fact Democrats have bailed him out some occasions thanks to their incompetence, but most of all because of their goofy, unhinged antics that have managed to solidify support among the faithful. They’ve also managed to created an environment where open Trump critics like yours truly are forced to defend him because the behavior of Democrats is so off the wall.

The two party system in this country is healthy for the republic. But Democrats and their allies have gone so off the reservation since election night 2016; they’re not behaving like a minority party. They are acting like an opposition party who think they’re in the majority. To them, Donald Trump is a White House interloper who pulled the desk chair in the Oval Office out from underneath Hillary Clinton, and the Republicans control Congress thanks to angry white males and gerrymandering.

Here are ways they’ve specifically made themselves out to look unhinged, thereby giving cover to the Trump administration, despite missteps:

1. Protests on the night of the election – When it became apparent Donald Trump was going to win the electoral college, “spontaneous” protests broke out in major cities. I put quotes around the word because many of the protests were coordinated and funded. Pre-printed signs were everywhere and chants of “Not my President!” broke out. The protests might have been tempered if Hillary Clinton conceded that evening, but she didn’t, and we were witness to thousands of people in the richest of irony saying they refused to accept the results of the election.

2. “The Russians! The Russians! The Russians!” – The next step for Democrats was to put Donald Trump’s legitimacy at stake. While intelligence did suggest the Kremlin was mucking around in the election, hoping for a Trump win, there’s zero evidence to support the Democrats charge the Russians “hacked the election,” That didn’t stop Democrats from floating the theory. When Congressman John Lewis openly said he didn’t think Trump was a legitimate President because of Russian interference, Democrats didn’t condemn his words. Instead, they condemned Donald Trump’s response to Lewis’s charge.

3. Executive order freak-out. – When Donald Trump signed the executive order temporarily banning travel from 7 countries associated with terrorism and putting a moratorium on refugees, Democrats reacted as though the President unilaterally declared war on the world and started firing off nukes. Protests broke out at airports; Democrats were pearl clutching in front of anybody who pointed a camera their way and the Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer held a press conference where he started crying about it. For real.

4. Behavior over Cabinet nominees – Republicans along with Democrats confirmed seven of Barack Obama’s cabinet members the day of his inauguration. Democrats have decided to play hardball with Trump’s nominees and with the confirmation of Tom Price early on the morning of February 10 as HHS Secretary; it brings Trump’s total to nine approvals – 20 days after being sworn in. Democrats, acting at the behest of their teacher’s union overlords, went after Betsy DeVos with a vengeance, smearing her in the worst way, forcing Vice-President to cast a tie-breaking vote on her nomination to which Senate Majority Leader Schumer said the process was “rigged.” DeVos tried to visit a public school in Washington DC on Thursday. Protesters attempted to block her from getting into the school and screaming at her. After Senator Elizabeth Warren was warned about rules of decorum on the Senate floor where she repeatedly railed Jeff Sessions was a racist, Senate Majority Leader McConnell invoked Rule 19, and Warren’s diatribe was shut down. What might have turned out to be a net positive for Democrats was flushed down the drain the moment Democrats decided to protest against McConnell in front of his house in Kentucky.

If Democrats want to continue to go down this route, Republicans and Donald Trump are not going to care. Such unhinged behavior by Democrats will only be of benefit to Republicans at the ballot box and their bank accounts.

It’s up to the Democrats if they want to be the opposition party or the crazy opposition party.


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