Three Reasons Democrats Won't Filibuster The Neil Gorsuch SCOTUS Nomination

Three Reasons Democrats Won't Filibuster The Neil Gorsuch SCOTUS Nomination
In this Friday, Jan. 27, 2017, photograph, 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Neil Gorsuch makes a point while delivering prepared remarks before a group of attorneys at a luncheon in a legal firm in lower downtown Denver. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Donald Trump kept another campaign promise with the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Trump said he was going to replace Antonin Scalia with somebody similar to Scalia and he did just that. It was a fine choice, and the hysterical, childlike “Nyah nyah!” tweets from idiots like Sean Hannity to National Review, Bill Kristol, and the Wall Street Journal, it is a choice that will unite Republicans, at least temporarily.

The question now is whether or not Democrats are going to move ahead with a filibuster of Gorsuch’s nomination. Mitch McConnell has already indicated he will not open up the “nuclear option” to Supreme Court nominees. The GOP majority is only 52 seats which require the defection of eight Democrats to get to the 60 vote quorum threshold to move Gorsuch’s nomination to the floor of the Senate for the confirmation vote.

Left-wingers are already shouting they want Democrats in the Senate to filibuster the nomination. People who wouldn’t know Merrick Garland from Adam are suddenly invoking his name as though the rightful heir to the Supreme Court was denied his seat (What is it with the left and their entitlement mindset, anyway?).

I get the feeling Democrats are not going to filibuster the nomination or make any more than a half-assed attempt and here’s why:

1. 2018 looms large for Democrats – The map is bad for Democrats. They have 25 seats open. The Republicans only 8. Ten Democratic senators are running for reelection in states Trump won in November. Trump won half of those states — Indiana, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota and West Virginia — by double digits. Republicans have already indicated they will pour millions into these races to start and will spend more if any of these Senators decides to hold up the Gorsuch nomination. Sure enough, Senators McCaskill (MO), Manchin (WV) and Tester (MT) were calling for hearings and confirmation vote before Gorsuch was nominated. Three other Democratic Senators have already stated the nominee should get a confirmation vote. Two more defections and Gorsuch’s confirmation is assured.

2. It doesn’t shift the balance of the court – Gorsuch is a replacement for Scalia. The balance of the court is not shifting with his nomination. At worst (for those opposed) is Gorsuch’s youth. He will turn 50 this year and bar any major health concerns, will be on the court for at least 25 years. Democrats are going to save their fighting for the next nominee, assuming any of the other justices retire or happen to pass away. Democrats will go all in to make sure a conservative justice doesn’t replace a liberal or even a swing vote justice like Anthony Kennedy.

3. Neil Gorsuch is not the monster people want him to be – In this age of media, Gorsuch is a perfect choice for the Supreme Court. Well educated, well spoken, humble and yes, handsome. Gorsuch will be a striking figure at hearings because he comes across as confident, not arrogant. Idiot Democrats on the judiciary committee will be shouting at him, and Gorsuch will sit there, take it all in and respond with the same kind of tone and manner we witnessed at the nomination. Gorsuch was made for this and Democrats are sure to look silly in their opposition. Ron Wyden kicked that off with this stupid tweet last night:

This doesn’t even make sense. Expect a lot more of this howling from some corners of the Democratic left.

It won’t work.

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