Trump Tweet Confirms, The Taxpayer, Not Mexico Is Footing The Bill For The Border Wall

One of the cornerstone’s of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was the promise of building a border wall and that Mexico is going to pay for it. At rallies, he would lead crowds like at a pep rally. “What are we going to do?” “BUILD A WALL!” “Who’s going to pay for it?” “MEXICO!”


As Susan pointed out in this piece (you should read all of it), the transition team already started backing off from “Mexico will build the wall,” to “Congress will appropriate funds and Mexico will pay it back later.”

Now, Donald Trump is doing the same thing. Here is what he tweeted this morning:

The dishonest media. That’s hilarious.

Of course, people like me may have been wrong about who was going to win the election, but we also warned Trump’s a fraud who won’t follow through with a lot of what he promised. So now, the taxpayers are going to foot the bill for the wall and then what? Is he going to send an invoice to Mexico with payment terms?

What a joke.


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