Trump: "The Google" Proves I Am Winning And They Want Me To Lose

Donald Trump is the epitome of the term “word salad.” Trump will routinely say a bunch of sentences that are strung together but often have no relationship with each other or contradict each other.


At a rally in Wisconsin yesterday, Trump, who will lend credibility to any poll showing him with a lead (“Did you see the latest Shoobee Doobee Do Poll? Great poll. One of the best. They said I won the debate by 835 points.”) said the following:

“A new post-debate poll, the Google poll, has us leading Hillary Clinton by two points nationwide,” he said, “and that’s despite the fact that Google search engine was suppressing the bad news about Hillary Clinton. How about that.”

What was it? Just Trump churning out half baked garbage as usual. Remember, as he said, “All I know is what’s on the internet.”

The “Google poll” appears to be a cumbersome reference to a Google Consumer Survey conducted by Independent Journal Review. The survey did show Trump with a 1.7-point lead. It also showed Clinton winning the debate by a 52-to-48 margin. (Independent Journal Review is a sort of right-leaning Buzzfeed.)

The Google Consumer Survey process uses one of two methods to collect data, either through a phone app or by asking questions of people visiting a website. Have you ever been presented with a survey before you could read a news story? That was probably a Google Consumer Survey. They’re built to be inexpensive, easy to set up and quick to deliver results.


So there really was no “poll.” It was merely a survey.

As for the Hillary/Google thing? More nonsense:

In June, a conspiracy theory spread around the Internet that Google was tamping down search results critical of Hillary Clinton. The idea was that searching for things like “hillary clinton cri” didn’t automatically suggest “hillary clinton criminal” as an option — though “donald trump cri” would. That sort of thing.

The report, a video from a site called SourceFed, was quickly rebutted by Google and debunked by other sites and people. Google said that its algorithms did filter out disparaging phrases after finding that it “too often predicted offensive, hurtful or inappropriate queries about people.”

Seriously. If your lot in life consists of complaining “Hillary Clinton cri” doesn’t complete with the word “criminal,” then you likely need to re-examine your priorities.

In the meantime, Trump will continue to degrade the overall debate with his reliance on garbage news to spout to his fan base.




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