Dhaka Terrorists Backgrounds Revealed And It's Not Living Up To The Obama Narrative

If Barack Obama is to be believed, terrorists become terrorists because they’re poor and are easily led into such a world of radicalism because of their poverty – meaning they’re not educated enough to know what they’re doing or don’t have access to jobs making it easier to be lured in.

It’s a convenient excuse and one that simply does not hold up under scrutiny. Osama bin Laden is a perfect example. He was the son of a billionaire and studied business and economics in college.

It’s an excuse to keep from putting troops on the ground in certain situations as the Obama administration will say we can’t “kill” our way to victory. The problem is, the ideology these people operate under have nothing at all to do with being rich or poor. That isn’t what it is about.

As such it comes as no surprise to learn the Dhaka terrorists were not a bunch of poor kids led into a life of extremism:

The terrorists who massacred 20 foreigners and Bangladeshi at a popular cafe here were highly educated and most came from wealthy families, a minister said on Sunday.

“They are all highly educated young men and went to university. No one is from a madrassa,” the Bangladeshi media quoted Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan as saying.

Asked why they would have become militants, The Daily Star quoted Khan as saying: “It has become a fashion.”

There you have it. Wealthy, educated young men becoming radical Islamic terrorists.

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