Watch Trump Flat Out Lie About Why His Clothes Are Made In China And Mexico (VIDEO)

Donald Trump must think people are really stupid. Plenty of people are but he thinks that about most people. Either that or he’s just so comfortable with lying that he doesn’t care. Or he subscribes to the George Costanza theory: “It’s not a lie, if you believe it.”

Trump has taken some heat as being a hypocrite for yelping about companies who have products made in China and Mexico, when he has products made in the same countries, such as his ties (China), ‘Make America Great Again’ hats (China) and suits (Mexico).

Ironically, he hasn’t been confronted about it by the press until he sat down for an interview with ABC’s David Muir who asked Trump about comments made Hillary Clinton regarding so many Trump products being made outside the United States. Watch his response:

Devaluing their currency? That’s why he can’t have his ugly ties made in the United States? He also said to Muir that he couldn’t find a place in the United States to make his “Make America Great Again” hats.

Alex Conant of Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign tweeted the following:

It takes less than 2 minutes to conduct Google searches to find companies that make their suits here in the United States. Same with ties. And hats. The notion he has no other choice is complete garbage.

Trump? He has shirts made in Bangladesh selling for $70:




Does the Bangladesh government devalue the taka to screw with the United States? Somebody better get all over that!


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