Trump Laughs As Poll Numbers Rise Amidst Democrat Primary Stupidity

This election really is a dumpster fire. Donald Trump is going to be the GOP nominee despite capturing what will be far less than 50% of the popular vote and Hillary Clinton is so bad as a candidate, she can’t put away an old coot Senator who’s an avowed socialist. Our enemies around the world are likely laughing at this spectacle. David Zucker wouldn’t have conceived of this kind of thing. Leslie Nielson surely is missed as he would have been a terrific caricature of Trump.


That said, the fact that Grandma Moses can’t finish off Grandpa Marx is causing issues in polling and it has been favorable thus far for Donald Trump:

Donald Trump appears to be making rapid progress in unifying Republican voters behind his presidential bid even as Democratic discord between backers of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders reaches new highs.

An NBC News/SurveyMonkey poll released Tuesday morning showed Trump and Clinton performing at exactly the same level within their respective parties. Each commanded 87 percent support.

The poll also suggested that hopes among Democrats of an easy win over Trump are misplaced. Tuesday’s poll had Clinton with an edge of just 3 points in a hypothetical match-up: The former secretary of State led Trump 48 percent to 45 percent.
The numbers track close to polls near this point in the 2012 presidential election.

A Gallup poll conducted in March 2012, for example, saw President Obama winning the allegiance of the same proportion of Democrats as Clinton is now: 87 percent.

Trump, for his part, may be outperforming Mitt Romney, who took 84 percent support among Republicans in the March 2012 poll.

To be sure, it’s early. Polling numbers at this point in an election cycle can be significantly out of line with the results in November.

But there are warning signs for Clinton, nonetheless.

This is stunning considering the level of negative numbers Donald Trump has hanging around his neck. Granted, I think once Hillary secures the nomination and leaves Sanders to mutter and grumble about “big banks” she can then turn her focus on Trump and things will change.


Still, Democrats have to be biting their nails over this. Hillary Clinton, prior to the start of the primary season made statements that began, “When I’m President….” as a means of deflecting questions. She was so sure she was going to win the whole thing, that’s how she spoke. Now, she’s been reduced to telling people Bill Clinton will be put in charge of “revitalizing the economy.”

The candidate who has been running on the “FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT!” platform is running to a man to fix her campaign. Gotta love it.

You know Donald Trump is.



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