BREAKING: Nikki Haley Says, "Cross Me Of The VP List"

Nikki Haley

Trump’s search for a running mate is going to be fun to watch. Fun in that it’s going to be hilarious watching person after person after person after person after person say “No.”

And we are seeing the first, officially. While Trump hasn’t asked Nikki Haley (and he will no doubt now attack her and claim he never considered her at all), she has gotten out in front of it and basically said, “No thanks, Donald.”

Here is her official statement:

“To the members of the press who are asking, while I am flattered to be mentioned and proud of what that says about the great things going on in South Carolina, my plate is full and I am not interested in serving as vice president.”

Expect a lot more of this.

You have to wonder what the betting markets are saying about Trump’s potential VP choice. Some have suggested it could be Chris Christie (aka The Gimp) or perhaps Ben Carson but will either of them subject themselves to the mockery that will be expressed daily?

I assume at some point it will turn out to be some Trump lackey within his inner circle or somebody so desperate to sniff the White House, they’ll throw toss under the bus every principle they’ve ever had.

Mike Huckabee, anyone?


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