New Poll Out Of VA Shows Just How Bad Trump Is In General Election


As this “Trump Train” motors on, things seem to get more bleak every time a new poll comes out. For months at a time, the negatives of Donald Trump bubbled just below the surface. It was out there and some people were noticing. The mainstream media was too busy tripping over itself to slobber over Trump to notice.


But now it’s bubbled over and Trump’s negatives are exploding like Mount St. Helens. As Leon pointed out, Donald Trump’s unfavorable rating has reached 70%. Sexually transmitted diseases are liked more at this point.

But it gets worse. Look at these numbers out of Virginia:

Nearly a third of Virginia Republicans will vote for Hillary Clinton, pick a third-party candidate or sit out the election if Donald Trump is the GOP’s nominee for president, a new poll finds.

Democrats in the key swing state are far less likely to defect if Clinton is the nominee, with just 9 percent saying they would vote for someone else or stay home on Election Day, according to a Christopher Newport University survey released Thursday.

Trump’s “loyalty gap,” as CNU researchers dubbed it, could cost the celebrity developer the race in Virginia, where the survey finds the former secretary of state leads Trump 44 percent to 35 percent.

One-third of Republicans in Virginia will go third party, sit out or vote for Hillary if Trump is the nominee. 

To use a Trump term, this is an absolute disaster waiting to happen.

Some Trump supporters will wonder how Trump could win the Virginia primary and be such a disaster in the general.  I hear this all the time and they don’t seem to realize it doesn’t matter how he does in the primary. Christine O’Donnell won her primary race in Delaware in 2010 and went on to lose by 16 points in the general election.


This is not happening in a vacuum. Many people have been warning of this. For months, most people did not care. They don’t follow politics every day. But as soon as they started paying closer attention, people started to realize Trump was pretty damned awful and really is not all that fit to be President.

The most depressing part is, Trump is doing this badly against a general election candidate – Hillary Clinton – who is a worse candidate than John Kerry.





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