Breaking: Donald Trump Wins The North Carolina Primary


Fox news has called it. Donald Trump has continued his domination of southern states by winning the North Carolina primary. It was thought Ted Cruz might have been able to provide a fight but he fell short. North Carolina is the only real proportional state this evening.


This means there is no percentage threshold needed to claim delegates.

Still this is yet another win for Trump in area Cruz had hoped to dominate in order to win the nomination. Ted Cruz had ticked off the south as his “firewall” – it was where he was going to make his stand. Instead, Donald Trump has dominated in the south, particularly the deep south where Trump has won by double digits in most states.

This presents a problem for Cruz because he is now going to be off to states where he is going to find it more difficult to win, not easier. Here is what Cruz is looking at in the coming weeks

New York
Rhode Island

Those are all between March 22 and April 26. Of those states, 4 are winner take all states and 1 is winner take most. There are a lot of delegates up for grabs there and that doesn’t appear to be friendly turf for one of the most conservative Senators in Congress.

We’ll see what happens once the smoke clears and if Marco Rubio and John Kasich drop out at some point. So this win is great for Ted Cruz but he’s going to have a tough fight going forward. It will be interesting to see where it goes.


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