Goodbye Chris Christie And Good Riddance

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr
Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Thanks Governor Christie. For nothing. You were a media darling back in 2013 when you overwhelmingly won re-election against a joke of a candidate in my former corrupt home state. That’s terrific. But you convinced yourself you could parlay that into a successful presidential run and you badly miscalculated.


I wrote back in June of 2013 why you wouldn’t win the GOP nomination. Let’s face it. You’re essentially Mitt Romney with a bigger mouth. You embraced Obamacare with your Medicaid expansion. You support Common Core. Your record on the second amendment is a disgrace. You’re a big government conservative.

You’re also a petulant person who it seems is always concerned more about your own interests than the interests of the GOP and conservatives and therefore, the country. As long as the media is happy with you, you don’t care about any damage you might have been doing to the conservative movement.

After being humiliated in Iowa, you decided your best course of action was to go after, not Donald Trump (or even Ted Cruz) but Marco Rubio. The very same guy you mocked because he “beat Ben Carson.” That was hilarious considering you finished tenth. Who did you beat? Rick Santorum, Jim Gilmore and Other. Congratulations.

Then came the debate, Mr. Former Federal Prosecutor. And you had your moment. You threw Marco Rubio off his game for several minutes and for you, that was your “victory.” Your idiotic “self defense” reasoning on abortion was laughable and it’s part of the reason why conservatives have rejected you. Yet, because of that moment, the media started talking about a “comeback” and wondering if that moment would propel you beyond the gutter in New Hampshire despite the fact the amount of time you have spent there, has nearly made you a resident.


Two days ago, because of what happened in the debate, you were saying, “My flight is booked for South Carolina.”

Then you flopped.



You finished in sixth. Not only are your chances of winning in South Carolina have less a chance than a snowflake has on the surface of the sun, you didn’t even qualify to be on the debate stage this Saturday.

I hope it was worth it. You had a chance to take on Donald Trump to the betterment of the party and the country and you didn’t. Because that didn’t serve you well. Maybe, if Trump gets the nomination, you’ll get that Attorney General post. Otherwise, I’d expect you’ll be in Trenton until your time is up in New Jersey.

Good riddance, sir.


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