Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts Speaks at #RSG15

It’s easy to get caught up with all of the Presidential candidates here at the RedState Gathering this year, but we should not forget all of the other great voices who have spoken and will be speaking to us. Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts is one of the latter. I admit that he was not really on my radar before meeting him today, but having had the opportunity to get to know him here, I must say I am very impressed. Here’s the video of his speech from earlier today so that you can judge for yourself:


He spends a lot of time talking about cutting government spending, rolling back regulations, and ensuring that the Nebraska state government is both accountable to the people and transparent in its operations. He also talks about protecting his state’s sovereignty from overreach by the federal government, especially highlighting his state’s battles with the EPA.

Pete Ricketts knows how to give a good speech. He’s engaging and knows how to get his ideas across. If he is at all successful in enacting his plans for Nebraska, I would not be surprised if he gains a truly national profile as a voice of conservatism on the Great Plains. Whatever happens in the future, we definitely need to keep our eyes on him.


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