Carly Fiorina Speaks at #RSG15

Based on the responses to the debates last night, it appears that Carly Florida truly made her presence known in the 2016 race despite only being at the supposed “under-card” debate. Her speech to this year’s RedState Gathering did not disappoint. Check it out:


As you might expect, she discusses who she has responded to the standard kind of questions any woman running for the Presidency apparently has to answer. She also speaks about the key differences between Liberals and Conservatives and why we need to talk about these differences during the 2016 campaign. Like our other speakers, she talks about how big government is crushing the economy, but the other 2016 candidates, she’s jade to work her way up the ladder of success. She’s seen firsthand how important both small businesses and large companies are to economic growth and prosperity.* After her speech, which is only about the first 11 minutes of the video, she answered some questions, which I’d also encourage you to watch.

She might be an outsider with no experience as an elected politician, but unlike candidates in previous cycles who have run for President with only business experience, she comes off as a very polished speaker and very educated on a wide variety of issues. She has the kind of presence on stage that makes the lack of electoral experience not seem to matter. She definitely deserves to be in this race, and hopefully, she’ll be on the main stage at the next debate.


*=This applies even to Trump, who inherited a lot of money from his father.


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