US Giving up on Military Inspections of Iran Nuke Sites

The news from the Iranian nuclear program negotiations in Vienna just keeps getting worse. Now, it seems like the United States is going to give up on military inspections that could be anything close to effective. From the AFP:


“We have worked out a process that we believe will ensure that the IAEA has the access it needs,” the administration official told reporters.

“The entry point isn’t we must be able to get into every military site, because the United States of America wouldn’t allow anybody to get into every military site, so that’s not appropriate,” the official said.


“There are conventional purposes, and there are secrets that any country has that they are not willing to share,” the first American official said.

Take a look at that bolded statement, because that’s what it all comes down to. If you needed any further evidence that our government is much more interested in playing nice with the Iranians than actually solving the problem at hand, then here it is. “That’s not appropriate” is reasoning that might have worked in high school, but in the real world, we are telling the one of the most dangerous and least trustworthy states in the world exactly where they can building nuclear weapons without worrying about being discovered. Bill Kristol at the Weekly Standard sums it up well:

It turns out the left’s old doctrine of moral equivalence between the Soviet Union and the U.S. has been replaced by a doctrine of moral equivalence between Iran and the U.S.

This sentence says it all. Opponents of a bad deal should make it famous: You can only vote for this deal if you accept this basic equivalence between the Iranian regime and the U.S.


Whatever you think of Donald Trump (and I’m no supporter of his), he’s exactly right when he says “We look like we’re beggars,” at the talks. It is exactly the same kind of thing an Iranian general said back in February. With all the talk about the talks missing the June 30th deadline, it’s hard to understand why. The United States has essentially been giving the Iranians everything they want. The Islamic Republic knows it cannot directly ask the negotiating powers for the bomb, but they do know they can create exactly the conditions they want to get away with developing one in secret because they know the Obama administration will give it to them. Unfortunately, because of our President’s obsession with his legacy and his desire to bring the United States down to the level of the rest of the world, the Iranians are going to get the bomb, and everyone else is going to have to live with the consequences.


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