CO-Sen: Cory Gardner's New "Nice Guy" Ad

Colorado present Republicans with a great opportunity to pick up a Senate seat this November. Democrat Mark Udall has consistently been rated as one of the most vulnerable incumbents this cycle. Republican candidate Cory Gardner, currently one of Colorado’s Representatives, is our party’s standard bearer in the race, and he has been working hard to ensure Colorado elects a Republican for the 114th Congress. His latest ad, titled “Nice Guy”, as he explains, might be a little atypical for a political ad, but I think it’s effective and worth a watch nonetheless:


So, Colorado’s Senator Udall might indeed be a nice guy, but that’s no reason to re-elect him. Whatever ways he might try to distance himself from Obama and Washington, it’s pretty hard to get away from the Establishment moniker when you’ve got two cousins (Tom Udall of New Mexico and Gordon Smith of Oregon) who have served or are currently serving in the Senate and your father ran for President. Gardner’s roots are substantially more blue collar and fit the “citizen legislator” idea of which both Houses of Congress need more.

So, consider giving Cory Gardner a donation, and if you’re in Colorado, it’s important you get out and vote for him this November. He’ll be a great step forward for the state.


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