Greta van Susteren: White House Pressured Fox News to Back Down on Benghazi

A lot of you probably caught Fox News’ special this past weekend “13 Hours at Benghazi”. As you might imagine, the White House is none too pleased with the special. Between it and the House Benghazi Committee’s upcoming first public hearing on September 14, the Obama administration is clearly feeling the heat on the issue. On Friday, Greta van Susteren spoke on her show about how the White House tried to pressure her to get her colleague Jennifer Griffin to back down on Banghazi. Breitbart TV has the video of that particular (which is strangely not embeddable, for some reason).

Van Susteren did not stop there, though. Yesterday, she went on Hannity to elaborate upon what happened:

The way the White House has treated Fox News over its coverage of Benghazi hints that there is something the Administration is hiding from the public. As with the IRS scandal, there are too many coincidences and “mistakes” piling up for any one of them to be fluke oversights. As van Susteren correctly notes, there is something dirty going on here. The White House wouldn’t have tried to interfere in such a way with FNC’s reporting otherwise. One can only hope that Trey Gowdy and the House Benghazi Committee will get to the bottom of this over the course of its investigation.