Just Cut It Already

Many of us didn’t even like the Republican “Pledge” to America.

But there they were, those bastions of Republican leadership promising this and that (because what we need from politicians are more promises).


Well, they promised to save $100 billion in spending in the first year. But suddenly, they’re debating what the definiton of the word “year” is, and whether we should “annualize” the cuts or consider them pro-rated. They are talking about how much to save under a Continuing Resolution vs. what they meant under the Obama budget. Now, the “leadership” says, they are going to let the conservatives cut more by offering amendments. One news story is saying the leadership is going to cut $32 billion. A post over at National Review slobbers over conservative-genius-and-savior-in-waiting, Paul Ryan and his proposal that supposedly gets us $74 billion in non-defense cuts (which Dan Holler points out is actually $42 billion short here).

Only in Washington.

Just cut $100 billion. Just cut it. Do it. Really… just do it. You promised to return to pre-stimulus, pre-bailout spending (as a start) and to “save” $100 billion (a totally arbitrary number that sounds good on top 10 lists and other “messaging” pablum promoted by idiot Washingtonians). We didn’t promise to do that. You did. Now you just need to do it and shut the hell up about it.


I mean, what level of stupidity is breathed into elected representatives and their self-aggrandizing staffers when they cross the Potomac that they think on the heels of arguably the most violent ballot-box revolution in the history of American politics it’s good messaging to nickle and dime us?

I thought the whole point of cutting $100 billion was a messaging point to show you “get it.” Sort of like a family just cutting cable when dad loses his job, when they still need to figure out how to pay for the mortgage, milk and diapers.

Just SHUT. THE. HELL. UP. and cut $100 billion. And then cut more. And then more… it’s an awfully long way to a balanced budget, much less to $14 trillion.

Good Lord.


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