Breaking: Two Coalition Troops Killed in Syria

Early this morning, Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR) Spokesman Army Colonel Ryan Dillon announced the death of two United States Service Members in Syria. OIR is the US mission to defeat the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq. Something many thought was winding down. Just yesterday, President Donald Trump was bragging that “We’re knocking the hell out of ISIS”.


These are the first known US casualties since Thanksgiving of 2016 when Senior Chief Petty Officer Scott Dayton was killed in action during the siege of Raqqa.

Little is known at this point but this news is likely to complicate an already tense situation in Syria.

RedState will report updates as they come.


An explosion near Manbij, Syria took the lives of 2 American-led coalition service members. One British and one American. The names have not yet been released until next of kin can be notified.


It is unclear whether the British public was aware of U.K. presence in Manbij. What is clear is these events compound an already tense situation along the Euphrates River in Syria this Easter weekend.


This is the first knowledge the British public has of their soldiers being in Manbij. This is also the first British casualty in the Syrian conflict.

Correction: Redstate originally reported 2 U.S troops had been killed. It was 1 U.S. service member and 1 British service member.


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