Maybe now the NRA will finally wake up and stop stupidly endorsing any Democrats

As one who is an absolute believer in our 2nd Amendment Constitutional rights, I have long admired the NRA for their passionate defense of these rights. However, I have never joined the NRA, because of their asinine policy of endorsing Democrats who profess to support gun rights. This narrow single issue focus by the NRA belies the important fact that any Democrat elected to Congress will automatically vote for a leadership that is committed to shredding the 2nd Amendment.


Please take a moment, and revisit this superb Oct, 2010 essay by Red State’s own Daniel Horowitz, “The NRA is Helping Preserve the Anti Gun Democrat Majority”

He lists 53 Democrats in competitive/semi-competitive races, all of whom received  the NRA endorsement, and of course funds.

Now this was just  months before the American people rose up and bitch-slapped the Democrats, and handed them a huge defeat, which cost them the House, and Nancy Pelosi her position as Speaker.

Yet if voters went by the NRA guidance, and their narrow, tunnel vision single issue focus, the Democrats would have kept control of the House in 2010. And that’s just what supporters of 2nd Amendment  rights wanted…er…..NO!!!

FYI, I did a quick Google search on the names listed. Most were sitting Congressmen, a few were first time candidates, and fewer still were running in Democrat primaries. Many lost in 2010, some lost in 2012 and 2014, and some finally retired rather than face likely defeat.

But of the 53, as of today, there are only SEVEN still serving in the Congress.

So it would seem that much of the time the NRA was(is????) out of touch with the voters. And let’s not forget the millions of dollars,  raised from NRA members, that the NRA doled out to these candidates. That money could have been put to far better uses.

And when you look back carefully at some of these endorsements, their utter stupidity is literally mindboggling. Consider:


In 2006, (and again in 2010), the NRA endorsed Ted Strickland for governor of Ohio. In 2006, he defeated Ken Blackwell. Ohio deserved far better.

In 2010, the NRA endorsed Marin Heinrich for  re-election to New Mexico’s first CD. He won, barely, 52-48, over a little known Republican. The race was tainted by reports of fundraising “irregularities” by the DCCC.  Here, it’s quite possible that the NRA endorsement provided the margin of victory for Heinrich. So, instead of having his political career cut short, in 2012, Heinrich went on to win the  US Senate seat,  51-45, defeating Heather Wilson (hardly a conservative darling, but still…). Again, the NRA endorsement might have been a deciding factor. Heinrich today still sits in the Senate, blocking GOP legislation at every chance.

And of course, in perhaps the biggest “fail” of all, in 2010 the NRA stayed out of the Senate race in Nevada. Harry Reid faced a very flawed GOP candidate  in Sharron Angle. Despite that, and despite spending millions to “reintroduce” himself to Nevadans, Reid barely managed to win, 50-45, while LOSING 14 of Nevada’s 17 counties.  Had the NRA come out for Angle, she might well have pulled out a win.

Reid went on to repay the NRA for its “neutrality” by doing everything he could to restrict gun ownership and 2nd amendment rights for the next 5 years.


So now, Obama and the Dems have decided that gun control will be a winning issue for them in 2016, and they’re going all-in; if not by legislation, then by executive orders.

The NRA is of course screaming bloody murder, (as they well should)  threatening to sue to block implementation of Obama’s eo’s ( as they also well should) and running huge membership and fundraising drives.

To what end, one must ask?

Simply  put, the NRA has no business whatsoever supporting ANY Democrat for election. And until they stop doing so, they won’t get my $25.

Note: I’ve searched for any lists of House/Senate endorsements of incumbents that the NRA has already made for 2016.  I couldn’t find one. If anyone has any info, kindly post it below. Thanks








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