The last stand of the old line civil rights establishment: Ferguson as Selma

Virtually all of the black leadership in the country today came of age in the civil rights movement of the 60’s. From Jesse Jackson to [mc_name name=’Rep. John Lewis (D-GA)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’L000287′ ], this was their launching pad as they began their ascent into national prominence. Simply put, it made them.


For decades since, they have defined their importance in the civil rights hierarchy  by their proximity to Dr. King. And they have continued to usurp the stage, keeping a younger generation of black leaders from finding their own platform.

There  were many incidents, some violent, some peaceful, during that time, but there were three very significant events that truly galvanized the nation:

1. The murder of the three young civil rights workers, Michael Schwerner, Andrew Goodman, and James Earl Chaney. Their story was depicted in the superb film, “Mississippi Burning.”

2. Dr. King’s moving “I have a dream” speech” in Washington, before hundreds of thousands at the Lincoln Memorial.

3. Selma, Alabama

Of the three, I suspect that most of the country born since then will recognize the name, but are not really aware of what happened there.

Simply put, it was the last, blindly stupid attempt by the old-line racist ( and nearly 100% Democrat south) to continue to suppress the rights of blacks.

On March 7, 1965, some 600 marchers left Selma en route to the state capital. Marches were an effective method of calling attention to the issues. The peaceful marchers were met by the police and state troopers with tear gas, billy clubs, and dogs. Some police were on horseback, and used whips on the marchers. It was a carnage. And the pictures and film swept the nation. It was front page news for days.  It was the only story on the TV news.The rest of the country finally realized what had been occurring in the deep south for almost a century.


Watch the clip, and imagine the impact it had on the national consciousness:

The importance of Selma can be found in that some five months later, the Congress passed the Voting Rights Act.

There is much that is wrong, and even unconstitutional, with the VRA, but after Selma, it was nearly impossible to oppose the bill.

And with it, the entire modern Civil Rights “establishment” and its leaders was born.

The VRA gave us “majority-minority” districts..and a whole panoply of “test” and “criteria” to determine what discrimination was, and how it should be addressed. It gave the Dept of Justice virtually unlimited powers to meddle in the affairs of any jurisdiction, local to state, if it wanted to do so.

In conjunction with the contemporaneous, and now ill-fated “war on poverty” it marked the beginning of the evolution of the US into a quasi-socialistic nation, dominated at every turn by the omniscient federal bureaucracy.

We are still feeling the effects of Selma today.

And now, the old-line civil rights establishment is attempting to channel Selma into Ferguson. We have the marches, the demonstrations….the attempt to cast the police as the villains, oppressing the black citizens.

We’re told, against all the facts.  that the cops shoot innocent, and defenseless young black men. They’re stopped ( and frisked) by the police, just as 50 years ago a young black man would get stopped, and beaten, for walking in the wrong part of town, or drinking from the wrong fountain, or sitting in the front of the bus.


The black leadership in this country wants to “go back to the future” and tell us that nothing has changed. America is still rotten, still evil, still oppressing its poor.

It is the sole rational for  their existence, to perpetuate the big lie.

See, nothing has changed since 1965, except that the 40+ members of the CBC are today meeting in the White House with the first black president, and first  black attorney general, to “find a way” to combat racism in the country.

In late 2004, during a post election symposium, OK blue-dog Democrat Congressman Brad Carson, who was very popular in his district (and the state) explained his loss in his Senate race to [mc_name name=’Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C000560′ ] in two words, “[mc_name name=’Sen. John Kerry (D-MA)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’K000148′ ].”

Bush beat Kerry by 30 points, and Carson said that there was no way he could overcome that disadvantage. He went on to say that the Democrat party would never evolve into a truly national party until the “last Vietnam era” activist died.

The same may be true of solving the problem of race in America. Until the last of the old guard, the Lewises, the Jacksons…..all those who were there with Dr King, are gone, it will be more of the same old, same old. Blacks will never develop leaders who can speak truth to their race, until they can find leadership to fight the next battle, and not the last one.


There are now some 40 members of the Congressional Black Caucus. The sheer collective stupidity of that group boggles the mind. There is no nice way to put it. They are cretins..intellectually bankrupt, and focused only on getting re-elected, and enjoying the perks of power in Congress.

They want nothing more than to remain inside the Beltway, and when they die, or become so enfeebled, to pass on their seat to a spouse or child. They care nothing for the betterment of their race.

Of the 4o or so members of the CBC, there is not one that has any chance of winning a state-wide office ( nor would they even want to.) Why upset the apple art?  Why have to work. They have theirs.

So, in their carefully drawn “majority-minority” districts. ( courtesy of the VRA) they easily win re-election by promulgating racial politics, us-against-them..whitey is oppressing us…so you’ve got to shows the man who’s boss and keep on electing me.

And we are seeing their perverted and distorted vision of America, today,  ( with the help of the MSM 24/7,) as they attempt to recast Ferguson as Selma.

It is likely their last stand. But will it be their “gotterdammerung?”

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