Pro-Life Leaders in Washington May Be the Stupidest People in America

Hey! Guess what?? Republican Leaders in the Senate are going to ditch language on Planned Parenthood from reconciliation. Note that some pro-lifers are saying the provision is still there. True, but it cannot be stripped until it gets to the floor. If it gets there it will be stripped, but it may not even get there. So pro-life groups in DC blew up a bunch of other conservative groups over nothing and will get expanded government as a result.

I told you that was going to happen.

Many fiscal conservative groups told you that was going to happen.

Conservatives in Congress told you that was going to happen.

But National Right to Life and other Washington pro-life groups yet again went to war on the side of Republican leaders against conservatives. They yet again decided to score against conservatives who knew pro-lifers were being played for fools and went along with it.

Honestly, the leadership at the National Right to Life Committee should be dragged into the middle of the National Mall at the next March for Life and everyone should throw spoiled tomatoes and eggs at them. I’m not sure how many more children die every year because National Right to Life is run by boobs and morons, but I’m pretty sure there are some.

These people attacked conservatives back during the Bush Administration for opposing expanding Medicare. They called it “pro-life” legislation, though it burdens the born and unborn with billions of dollars in debt. Again and again NRLC has been a stooge for Republican Leaders in Washington.

Sadly, it was not just the National Right to Life Committee that stood with Republican Leaders bracing for the knife in the back. Other social conservative groups did too and they attacked conservative congressmen and organizations who dared to point out what suckers the pro-lifers were. They demanded pro-lifers across the country trust Republican leaders.

Yet again, Republican leaders will now yank away the football. Yet again, pro-lifers are getting played. Suckers.

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