Obama Administration Finally Rejects the Keystone Pipeline

What took them so long? The Obama Administration finally rejected the Keystone XL pipeline on a Friday when everyone had already moved on to other things. Sure, Warren Buffet and other Obama donors will benefit because they own trains that will be used to transport the stuff. Sure, the EPA will stay busy with train derailments and natural disasters, etc.

But why now?

Well, Hillary finally was brave enough to come out against it, so Obama had his cover. See, the Democrats are going through a political realignment. They no longer are depending on entrepreneurs, they cannot win in the west, and they know black voters will never leave them. So they can take this step, finally, to make highly educated, rich, while people from New England feel good about themselves and then expand the welfare state to take care of those who’ll be out of jobs.

Never mind the potential environmental problems. Every week another train derails it seems. They are fine with that. Better for the EPA to earn its keep than harmful, awful oil be transported from Canada.

What makes this so silly is that everyone knew they were going to do this. But they waited until Hillary Clinton was ready to announce her opposition to do it. I guess Barry really is controlled by strong women.

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