Anti-Gun Leftists Hate Ben Carson For Exposing Them

Yesterday on twitter, my buddy Sean Davis exposed just how badly these guys have been boxed in by Ben Carson. After a week of leftists throwing F-bombs at Ben Carson for his comments on Nazi confiscation of guns owns by Jews, Sean asked some of them a simple question: was Hitler wrong.

You will probably not actually be amazed that they did not want to answer the question. What is amazing is the great contortions some of them went through to avoid the question altogether.

Sean documented a string of the tweets. It is pretty epic.

But he makes a larger point. Ben Carson stated what is true — the Nazi confiscation of Jewish guns made it easier to kill Jews. He did not go the next step, as some have, and conclude the Holocaust would not then have happened. No, the Nazi death machine would have rolled on. But it certainly would have slowed it down.

That Carson dared point this out though caused a complete meltdown on the left, which is out to take our guns now.

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