Barack Obama's Rhetoric and the Rise of the Rampage Killing

The rate of mass murder rampages in this country has gone up with Barack Obama in office. People are, in fact, bringing guns to fights…”

There has been an increase in rampages in the United States since Barack Obama took office. He wants to blame guns, blame Republicans, and blame the NRA. But those groups were on the national scene before Barack Obama took office. In fact, the nation’s gun laws are more or less the same ones we had under George W. Bush, under whom there were fewer mass shootings.

As both a candidate for President and President, though, Barack Obama has set a new standard for incendiary rhetoric broadcast out to Americans.

On the campaign trail in 2008, Barack Obama mocked conservative voters as bitterly clinging to their guns and religion. Likewise, he encouraged his supporters to take guns to political knife fights.

In 2010, President Obama declared he was looking for “whose ass to kick” in an interview. He told his supporters to get in people’s faces and argue with neighbors.

He urged Latino voters to “punish their enemies and reward their friends” as recently as 2010.

Concurrent to this, his administration has become deeply hostile to people of faith. Staff within the White House openly ridicule Christians. His Solicitor General has suggest the tax exempt status of churches might be revoked over gay marriage. Left-wing advocacy groups have harassed Christian businesses and outside organizations that have supported those same businesses have been threatened.

The Internal Revenue Service has targeted conservative groups for abuse with the left turning a blind eye and willfully denying it is happening. Leftists are now encouraging the incarceration of skeptics of man made global warming. Leftwing academics are shutting down conversations on college campuses. Parents are being forced to send their children to bathrooms with boys who’ve decided they are girls and when the parents complain they get harassed and shouted down.

And as President Obama leads the left in ever shriller rhetoric — encouraging guns at knife fights, calling Republicans the enemy, encouraging arguing with neighbors, and looking for asses to kick — the rate of rampages in the United States has gone up.

Barack Obama is never, ever going to accept responsibility for inflaming rhetoric and tensions in the United States and driving people to desperation.

But he also cannot deny a simple fact. The rate of mass murder rampages in this country has gone up with Barack Obama in office. People are, in fact, bringing guns to fights and viewing their fellow Americans as enemies.

It is, after all, exactly what he called for.

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