Mom Jeans Foreign Policy

President Obama has done one remarkable thing in his time in office — he has made the American left turn a blind eye to human rights abuses around the world. American soldiers are being sent home for defending boys who are being raped by Afghan soldiers. Meanwhile, the left is peddling articles noting that pedophilia is just another lifestyle choice. Cuban dissidents are still imprisoned and tortured and the left is eagerly awaiting the tax revenue from Cuban cigars. The Chinese are building artificial islands for their military and the left can’t wait to hang out on the beach.

Then, of course, there is the Middle East.

We’ve trained “four or five” Syrian rebels according to General Austin, the General in charge of our Middle East defense policy. Those four or five may all be dead now as the Russians have started targeting. President Obama has spent more time squeezing into his mom jeans than he has figuring out how to deal with the Middle East. At first, he did not think it was his problem. Then he thought he could let others handle it. Now, he is shocked and horrified the Russians are doing it.

The Russians, of course, have a vested interest in stopping the Islamic radicals in Syria and the rebels we are training. Their Chechen province has been a hotbed of Islamic radicalism and the radicals all went down to Syria to fight Assad and train. In the minds of the Russians, it is far better to kill the radicals there than in Russia. Likewise, Russia has been seeking a way into the Middle East. The Obama Administration, having decided to walk off the field gave them ample opportunity.

The Obama Administration has played the game like ivy league academics who have spent more time in books than in reality. They actually believed that if they enabled other people, those people would take care of the real world problems. Instead, those other people in many cases aligned with ISIS or died fighting them. The left has become so invested in the notion that we should stay out of the world’s problems that we are now seeing others take over the role and make matters worse for both us and our allies.

But we should again all remember what the mom jeans foreign policy amounts to. Barack Obama and the left really believe that the United States is not special, is not unique, and should not lead the world. They believe that we are a nation of latent racism and imperial ambitions that must be restrained. So they think the world will be better off if we are in a worse position and the world will be more stable if we are less stable.

Barack Obama did want to fundamentally transform America in a way that makes it harder and harder for us to keep the world stable. And his policies are working. When he sees the Russians taking over the Middle East and killing the few rebels we trained, don’t believe the outrage or the alligator tears. Barack Obama is perfectly happy with this.

It is the logical outcome of a mom jeans foreign policy and it is the outcome that he wants, in hopes that the world will be too far gone by the time he leaves office that the next President will just have to deal with a world where we are not the dominant power. To the left, that will be a good thing.

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